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Shellfire Backfire Dmg Bug/Ballista immune

Today my clan faced shellfire for the first time after the patch and i must say the experience was horrendous. Normally you get 3 turns to defuse the 3 ballistas that Shellfire spawns, but right now if you don’t defuse it in the first 2 turns it doesn’t deal any backfire damage anymore. On top of that when a combination is made with the ballista during a cascade it makes the ballista immune to defusal (so a worse version of the bug that occured before this patch).

These bugs togheter make it incredibly hard to fight the shellfire and deal damage to it. Personally i normally deal about 110k per attack, but with these bugs that has gone down to 60 to 70k per attack. What’s also annoying is that its very difficult to notice the first bug. You’ll only notice it if you look very carefully at the dmg’s that are being dealt (It would be nice/ more easily noticeable if the backfire dmg number was in a different color from the regular tile attacks).

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