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Shellfire electrified tiles don’t disappear

Shellfire electrified tiles don’t disappear no matter what you do. Everyone in my clan is facing this problem right now.

Hey Pehta, thanks for reporting this issue to us. If you haven’t already could I ask you and your clan members to reach out to our support team here at so our team can better investigate this issue? If you can include your support key in the email as well, it’d be really helpful.


We had the same problem. I had up to 9+ active tiles displayed.

Also the other bug, that tiles didnt get deactivated from horizontal/vertical special tiles happen, too. So you never know because if the display bug if the other bug happend and get an explosion
I send a support inGame note about.

Now they dissapear but the damage is misserable, 100-150 per electrified tile :frowning:

It’s unfortunate that people who fight the alpha don’t get anything each time!

I had the same issue yesterday

I had the same problem in this screenshot

This alpha in particular needs some fixing.
See the highlighted tile? It never dissolved the whole fight.

We have been having the same problem in all LionHeart clans.

@Ned @Ludia_Developers

This needs a quick fix or at least keep Shellfire out of the alpha rotation until you do the fix.


I contacted support.
After a few days, the support responded in the traditional way - general advice that does not solve the problem.
The problem still persists and after the update it is in every battle - see video here

In alpha battles, only Shellfire and Foreverwing alternate after the update, which is equally erroneous. I’ve been playing the game since its start and with each update the situation only gets worse and worse :frowning: The level of support is the worst I’ve ever encountered in any game

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I’m sorry about that, Pehta. I’ve noted the issue and informed our team about it. If you’re still having problems, I would advise following up with our support team so they can better investigate this.

Thanks, again! :sweat:

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This is absurd, it’s a global problem, shellfire is bugged since about the time new quests where released, are you going to keep pretending we have to report a problem to support that you can easily identify by just playing one alpha battle againsn’t it??
This isn’t one individual person problem, it’s global.

People pay 10€ a month, we expect global issues to be solved, it’s ridiculous how it hasn’t be resolved or at least take it off alpha rotation!

Start acting and stop copy/paste standard messages.

@Ned @Ludia_Developers ^^


Wakey wakey Ludia

3 weeks with this bug, can we at least get a reply?


Still having this bug that makes the game less fun. We need replies from Ludia. Stop being silent!

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