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Shellfire's bugs

Well, I just made a short list of bugs that I found while battling with Shellfire:

  1. the ballista didn’t disappear even when I matched gems near them.
  2. when the ballista disappeared, the damage of the ballista didn’t count with my damage of matching gems.
    I recently sent a message to the devs, I hope to receive the answer soon. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:
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This alpha is way to strong, my clan always has trouble with it, it needs to be fixed

Thank you for bringing these up, Tr_n_H_ng_H_nh. Since you have already reached out to our team, they will be looking into these issues and get back to you as soon as possible. Your patience is appreciated!

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If a cascade match is made next or on the ballista the ballistas don’t deal damage to the Shellfire even if you remove them all.


I’d already received your message along with your support this morning. Thank you for helping me. :blush:

Oh, I forgot, @Ronald. About the first thing in the list that I made, I noticed that the bug which made the ballista didn’t disappear was when I matched gems that didn’t near the ballista, the gems near the ballista would make a 4-tile gem. But that also depends on the board, too. Because it happened a bit fast sometimes so I missed. That’s all :slight_smile:

I appreciate the additional information, Tr_n_H_ng_H_nh. Rest assured that the team is working on this!

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