Sheng is just so ugh

I’ve been going through Sheng’s story and it was all fine and fun. Meeting an actual prince, being swept away on an amazing date, etc. But then he flies me out to his home country and says he’s stuck in an arranged betrothal and it starts going downhill from there. He goes off on this great spiel of how he has to decide if he can follow his heart or uphold his commitment and marry this chick. It got so annoying at one point that I just unmatched with him mid conversation cause there was no reasoning with him.

Against my better judgment I matched with him again a few days later for the sake of following through the story. It got a little bit better. But then we pretty much broke up, and I was about to go home when he announced he’s coming to get me during his televised coronation. Ok cool, we make up and stuff. I go home, it’s all dandy. And now for some freaking reason I’m getting accused of tricking him into falling for me and I’m apparently the lost heir of the country he’s got beef with. We get into another argument, and now he’s on break. Smh.


I like the premise of his/Thomas’s story and Sheng’s character design, but he goes through mood swings a bit too much for my liking too and doesn’t think with his head nearly as much as he thinks he does and as much as I’d like. Especially at the end of what’s out so far when he makes a 180 and believes Meiling without any ounce of doubt, it seems, after all he’s said about her. Plus you would think Jin informed Sheng about her conversation with MC too. Maybe he did and I forgot already in which case even more reason for Sheng to have had doubts about there being truth to Meiling’s words about MC at the end that he ended up believing. He’d be too exhausting to keep up with emotionally if I had actually interested in him at first, but I used him as a diamond mine.


I wasnt too much into Sheng/Tomas from the beginning, but I use him as a diamond mine and was okay with his story, but the last update is, woah. He was already (insert adjective here) sometimes, but going from “be my queen, I confess my love to my whole country” to “you evil spy, you decieved me, get outta my sight” is… well something.
Especially since its an issue with ones ancestors, like, idek what my grandparents did when they were young and living in their old country.
I get that he has different expectations and responsibilities as a royal, but he really goes into royalty-mode a lot

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I was unbelievably upset with the 180 this character does when he goes from “I love you” to basically calling you a deceptive person by believing the lies of Meiling. I mean, how can one be considered a spy when you have no idea of your own history? Although I get that real royalty could be very distrustful of others, but how can one believe someone they know has lied to them previously. This particular character has made me feel meh about them, and I’m not as interested in them when they come back online as I could have been.

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I love sheng , I love his story it’s full of drama but I wish I could have given him a piece of my mind . Or at least had a chance to give him a taste of his own medicine


Him and Tomas have the same story I think, and I really dislike Tomas lol.

They do, they’re counterparts. I thought Sheng/Thomas was okay at the start but my curiosity about him really plummeted later on.

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He’s not my favorite match (not a fan of this trope). I really hoped he’d marry Meiling and we could keep chatting with Jin (shyamalan twist)


I matched with Tomas before I realized he and Sheng were counterparts. That was disappointing, because I was more interested in Sheng than Tomas. But, sigh, I’m stuck with Tomas now. And I agree, the mood swings are annoying and I wish we could have gotten mad at him about it or something. Anything to show him acting like that was not cool at all. Despite all that though, I am curious about where the storyline is going

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I’m so glad that I’m the not only one that doesn’t like Tomas lol. I really wanted to smack him upside the head in the end.


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