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Why do they keep forcing love triangles?! Rain is sketch AF. Hes totally working for mwiling and is going to try and screw us over

Agreed, he’s definitely shady and idk why MC doesn’t see it.

Tbh though, I’m a little more mad about how Ludia is now making pictures interfere with the story. I did not open Tomas picture before the date, so I didn’t get to see him. I tried going back to purchase the picture but it made no difference, so the story lasted literally 10 seconds.

I’m getting really fed up with this app to be totally honest. Between not being able to play Franz and now this turn of events, I’m seriously contemplating just uninstalling it.


Yeah, that is deeply frustrating. I also didn’t realize that would cut the date short. Since pictures are something we’ve always been able to (and still can) go back and purchase later unlike other choices, it doesn’t seem right to make them occasionally serve other secret one-time-use purposes.

He sure is! I think he’s going to turn out to be an antagonist. The love triangle vibes might be misdirections here, meant to lull us into a false sense of security.


Considering how expensive pictures are to begin with… to miss out on a date because I couldn’t afford the picture was extremely off putting.

I hope this isn’t going be a reoccurring thing. I’m afraid it will be though. Gotta push those premium choices. :roll_eyes:

MC needs to be able to just tell them both off and shine on their own. No more needing opinions. No more Sheng being all woe is me, woe is you. No more uber nice but sus to boot Rain. Let this love story be MC falling in love with their role and their people.

Otherwise we’re getting another love triangle or a redemption arc via a backstabbing Rain. Entirely too predictable. I tend to think it will be a redemption arc with Rain being somehow related to the evil lady. Meiling? I don’t remember her name.

I know it’s dumb and stupid but I choose options favoring the ambassador just to annoy Sheng :smirk:

Agreed. I do not recall forgiving Sheng, but all the dialogue options during the conversations surrounding the ball seemed to indicate MC was back on board with dating him and discussing “the future of their relationship.” :roll_eyes: As far as I’m concerned he still has not given an appropriate apology for his cruel behavior.

Could be worse. I went back and purchased it. Didn’t change anything and i am 200 gems short, for nothing.:woman_facepalming:t2:

I don’t think that Rain is working with Meling, but I do think he’s sketchy AF. He’s a little too helpful and flirtatious. I’m thinking that since MC is going to be the ruler of the country, he’s angling to make himself a King.

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And the update proved me wrong. He’s totally working with Meiling.