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Sheng -.-


Enough calling them commoners Sheng!

But ooooo this little barb was beautiful. Thank you for that one writers :wink:

The absolute cherry on top… one of his goats shares my sisters name. I cackled.

He’s one of those I refuse to match after trying him prior to resetting

If I get around to resetting I probably won’t pick him up again. This time around my goal is to complete every possible story. I’m so freaking close! :joy:

Minus the holiday characters that is. Got all three summer ones completed.

I tried that prior to resetting now I’m only playing the ladies that are active and Ingrid

I have to wait for next summer to get Bex again

Sheng: Can I have a kiss?

My MC: Nope! Byeeeeee~

OML why am I getting the dreaded feeling this story is going to turn into another love triangle between MC, Thomas… and the Ambassador !!