She's back again swoons

:heartbeat: Jade my cam girl has returned

OMG! Somebody pinch me! :rofl:

Seems like she’s the most popular lady at the moment

I’ll take it. I would have MUCH preferred another of the girls but I’ll take it

I know but at least it’s better than waiting till next year for someone ugh

While I’m happy she’s returned, I’m still incredibly annoyed at Ludia for making us wait this long. It really is unacceptable how long they made us wait.

When Austin/Damian and some of the other popular males stories do end they will be forced to bring back more females it’s inevatible

If that is the real reason why we have so few female updates, it’s a rather poor reason. We shouldn’t have to wait for some of the popular male storylines to end before they’re forced to bring back more female storylines.

Players complain about the devs focusing too much on the males and ignoring the females. So if this is the case and they do run low on male characters and have to start focusing on the female characters, people will start complaining about the devs focusing too much on the females and ignoring the males. So if they put equal time into all characters, they’d have minimal complaining.

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It’s my possible theory based on what I’ve seen but they only have themselves to blame from how they handled the post launch in releases

I have been saying this exact thing for a long time

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When it comes to all these people complaining, I have sympathy for the staff that run the social media accounts and moderate the forums. They have no say in what happens, and yet they have to bear the brunt of all the complaints.

Customer service/relations in any company is a job I dont envy at all and at times I do feel sorry for the complaint posts I’ve made, if they would actually pass feedback to the writers,editors and other employees this app would be a lot smoother

I reckon they do pass them on, but it’s the higher-ups that don’t do anything about it.
Working in a customer-facing role myself, I’ve dealt with more than my fair share of customer complaints that I’ve passed on to management, and the number of times where either very little or nothing is done about it is less than ideal.

That was thrilling not she’s gone again

It’s not perfect but at least it’s something to hold us over till they bring a lady back again

What a surprise, we keep asking for females to return and they send back… Jade! AGAIN! I’m actually annoyed by it. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jade, I just hoped for a different female to come back.

I get it and they are probably using the time to write some male stories, Eveline/Jade again and if we are lucky another female

Really wish they would look at their statistics and realize there’s more mal players than females these days.

I highly doubt there are more males playing Lovelink than there are females playing.

Aside from here the majority of people I know who play are male :man_shrugging: