Shevarith 2 for 1 legendary pack

I paid 2500 gold for the 2 for 1 Legendary Shevarith pack. It appeared to open 2 packs, each with 2 Legendary torso cards. So I would expect 4 legendary torso cards in total at the end. Nope, I only had 2.

I don’t know whether the problem was with the presentation of how the 2 for 1 offer should work, and I should only have had one legendary pack with 2 cards, but the display routine screwed up, or if I really should have had 4 legendary cards at the end. What I can say is that the current result is that something that should have been really exciting felt disappointing instead.

it wasn’t very well explained, I knew that a legendary pack only has one in it, so I knew that a double pack I would get two. hard pill to swallow though without that information before hand

edit: did you get anything good? I really wanted the wand but I got the legendary pants and the kill spell. my epic pants and immobilize are at level 5, so both legendarys are not quite as good as what I currently have. :frowning:

Thank you!!

I literally came here to post a warning!!

They ran this promo once before in beta about a month ago and I had the same issue. I had never seen a legendary pack before so when it showed 2, I thought it meant 2 per pack.

I have been arguing with support for weeks on this now.

I told them it was misleading and they’ve refused to help.

Now it’s happening again and I know it’s not just me.

I figured before 2x meant 2 packs of 2. So for 4 legendary cards I decided to actually spend the money, otherwise I would have never ever bothered.

They refuse to help, only direct me to try and get a refund through iTunes.

Said they would change the wording on it but they didn’t

I got two tunic torsos. I was hoping for the wand of course, especially since they Nerf®ed the epic wand, but I already had the pants so the outfit looks good w/ matching top & bottom and it’s my first level 2 legendary so I’m OK with the results.

I just think they need to fix their GUI bug so people get a good experience.

You want to know how you know someone doesn’t feel right about their stance/position?

They keep deleting a photo I posted of my chat with support.

If they believed they were in the right they would have no issues with it. I literally posted a photo of what they said, and it’s now been deleted 3 times. At first I though it was an error, but now I got an email saying it is offensive or abusive.

Apparently their own words are offensive.

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I saw one of your screenshots before deletion, and yes it was a fairly innocuous email so I don’t see how it’s being abusive. They may consider email to be private, but they do represent the company. If that email was written in a policy vacuum and that policy has changed then they should say so.

I have not spent any real money on this game. I bought the twin packs with gems accumulated from when I started playing. I figure if I’m beta testing and filing bug reports, they’re already getting value from me in exchange for the app. The “early release” for the Bard and Nerf®ing with each release have only reinforced that inclination, as I would feel pretty upset if I invested real money only to have that value seriously depreciate. I also find it interesting that Shevarith’s epic wand got seriously Nerf®ed just before two 2 for 1 opportunities at the legendary wand.

They’re a business and it’s their platform, but I’m not likely to invest in it when they show every sign of seeing their customers as cash cows to be milked.

I’ve heard rumours of a Baldur’s Gate 3, which sounds like a more worthwhile investment.

I’ve never downloaded many game before. Any others similar genre you recommend?

Well, the BG games are Windows/Linux games, not mobile. They’re oldies on, with graphics from the 90s, but fun story and gameplay. If BG3 manages to deliver similar entertainment with modern graphics, it will be worth every penny. I honestly haven’t seen anything on mobile that grabs me in the D&D genre and that I would recommend. This game did before the devs decided to go full golddigger. Asphalt 8/9 are very decent car racing games on mobile.

Sounds like this games developers are shady at best. They’re not at all listening to the community and are instead pushing garbage p2w offers. I won’t be spending another penny on this game