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Shevarith legendary double pack

Anyone else pull 2 armour pieces from the store today? Ive talked to at least a couple of people who say they pulled the same rewards. Thought it was bad luck but way too coincidental.

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With the double pack there seems to be an increased chance to get at least 1 armor card.

I base this on the information visible in the guild’s chat tab, where you can see what sort of legendaries other guild members pull.

I can’t prove it’s rigged, yet I firmly believe it is. As such, I stay away from buying the 2 for 1 legendary packs.

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I got double armor as well. Total freaking waste of 2500 gems. It’s ridiculous that legendary BPs have the same stats as every other armor as well. My mage has had epic, rare and common BP maxed for awhile now but still doesn’t have legendary maxed but there’s no point as it will have the same stats as the common maxed which is so backwards. Thus is literally the only rpg game I’ve played in my life where junk gear upgraded to max has the same stats as much harder to obtain legendary gear.

Also double armour. For Saarvin

Earlier this year, this concern was a significant problem which infuriated many players, myself included. I agree this is frustrating. Hopefully these reports are anomalies and this is not a recurrence of the previous injustice.

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I buy her pack every two weeks and get all sort of stuff. Have gotten 2 armors, but also two staffs and two disintegrate books (last time). Looks totally random to me.