Shevarith/Raika Bug in PvP

When Shevarith dies in PvP, and her vial causes Raika to die, but his stone revives him…the game stalls with no one getting the next turn. Need to leave and come back to continue.

I assume the bug would also apply to any character who dies with death ward applied to them from Halbenet’s bone?

Shevarith’s death vial on end game killing all other opponent team members often creates a messy and unsatisfying outcome.

The game still tells you you’ve lost, but surely it’s a draw? I’ve only had Shevarith kill off all the opponent’s and not been on the other end. Does the other team get told they won or are they also told they lost?

This affects trophy counts and awarding of battle chests. It seems to me if it’s a stalemate no-one should be winning or losing any trophies or awarded battle chests.

Brawl chest works okay because that’s based in vanquished does rather than battle win losses.

I have only seen it with Raika so not sure if it is unique to that character. It hasn’t happened that often for me but my experience has been that the game gets it right when it comes to characters dying after the other team has been eliminated both with damage from the vial or just a character with reflect damage. Meaning that the team that is attacking seems to always win if both teams are killed at the end of the turn.

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In my opinion, It seems to be a bug of the Regeneration.

I had this happen once too