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Shevarith’s epic wand vs Sarvin rare axes

Ok so both have a range of 2 and the same description for the special “Repeat action up to 4 times on different random targets”
However, the random targets can be farther than 2 spaces away with Shevarith’s wand but they all have to be within the 2 spaces for Sarvin’s axes. They have the same description and range so they should act the same. Which one is working correctly?

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Thy have the exact same description. Shouldn’t they act the same?

Lightning/electricity can jump forward and backward . Ax’s can’t?

The skeleton archer’s ricochet acts like Shev’s epic wand, only the initial target needs to be within the 2 space range. Why is this Ricochet different?

You know if they do anything it’ll probably be too nerf down her Rod instead of fixing the ax’s… :wink:


It’s an old known glitch CB. It works like this.