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Shevarith - Vial of Revenge Bug

If you have this item equipped in PvP, when Shevarith dies and the item procs, it damages team members instead of the enemies:


Was she dominated at the time?

Domination seems to be coded to temporarily switch the team the affected character belongs to. This is best seen with Tommus and his Legendary Weapon equipped and having Counterstrike active:

  • When Tommus is targeted by a dominated character and his basic attack ability procs, instead of the random attacks hitting your own characters, they hit the opponent’s team.
  • When Tommus is dominated and is attacked by an opponent and his basic attack ability procs, his random attacks hit your own team members.

This seemingly unintuitive result can be explained if Tommus’ random attack is set to target “opposing team members” and if domination switches the team temporarily for the duration of the ability.

Therefore, if Shevarith’s vial of revenge was also coded to target “opposing team members” and if she was dominated, I would expect that vial of revenge would target her own teammates if it procs when she is dominated.

Nope not dominated, was playing vs a bot

Hey Hmmm, could you send your support key over to our team at so they can take a look at this? Thanks!