Shield ability


While battling, noticed that the shield ability was not working properly. Was being hit for the same amount of damage with the same attack regardless if I had a shield active or not.


Against what? Many dinosaurs have shield-destroying attacks. Do you recall what your opponent used when it happened?


I know certain dinosaurs are able to destroy shields and others are able to deal damage against armor. It was a stegosaurus using strike.


Okay, so the opponent used a Stegosaurus. What dinosaur were you using? What move did you use?

More details are always better, if possible.

If the “shield” did not display, it’s possible that the shield failed…but I don’t think I’ve encountered that. I’ve seen Ferocious Strike fail to increase my attack while using Nundasuchus and Einiasuchus on occasion, but that’s about it.


I was using blue at the time. Before I used the shield ability, his strike hit me for 416. After using shield, it still hit for 416. It delayed the number plus armor and shield with it the second time and the first time just armor.