Shield + Armor calculation help

So, how exactly do shields and armor stack? Let’s only consider attacks that do not pierce armor, break/nullify shields. If I have a dino with 30% armor throw up a 50% shield, do I only take 20% damage from the total attack? (eg, block 80 damage out of 100) Or does the armor only absorb 30% from the 50% that bypasses the shield? (eg, block 65 damage out of 100)

[edited twice to correct my very basic math :rofl:]

It adds. If it has 30% armor and 50% shield it will only receive 20% of the hit

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My problem with the math is figuring out what reduces what types of damage and what damage isn’t reduced, When you use a 90% damage reduction move and your opponent is not immune and doesn’t cleanse and you still get hit for nearly 2k, something isn’t working the way I expect it to. I quit using Mono a long time ago because I could never tell when damage was going to be reduced.

I did math on a hit one day and my opponent’s base damage was reduced, but his increased damage on his attack wasn’t affected at all by the damage reduction. So I’m still trying to get some of the math sorted out. :slight_smile:

I think you’re correct—the damage reduction applies to the base hit but not the increased damage from a ferocious strike.

That’s the way it seems but it doesn’t seem correct.

If a Dino does 1000 damage and uses an increase damage 50% then their new damage is 1500. If I use a move to reduce their damage 90% the damage should be 150. (300 on a 2x damage move), (450 on a 2x move with a critical hit). But what it seems like it does is reduces the base damage to 100, they get 500 for the increase which puts them at 600 damage again and on a 2x move with a crit gives them 1800 damage (6x more than it seems they should get). So to me it looks like damage reduction has no effect on damage increases.

They are added together. A dino with a +50 and -90 will do -40 damage.

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I think the very first response is wrong. You don’t add them. They are independent.

1,000 damage with 50% shield is 500. Then 30% armor to the 500 makes it 350.


So the second calculation in my original question?

You use to be able to get an accurate preview while in battle, but after 1.4 patch it’s wrong. Wish they would fix it.

But the monolophosarus two 50% damage reductions are additive resulting in 100% damage reduction instead of 75%.

yes because its 50% plus another 50% on top of that from the original damage not 50 of the remaining 50. if that makes sense. and should only be 0% for one turn but i think it bugs and does 0 for two turns

No, armor doesn’t add like that. If a dino had 50% armor and a 50% shield then you’re saying it would take no damage. 50 and 50 would be 75% protection, or only taking 25% damage. For 50 and 30 it’s 65% effective, or 35% damage taken.

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oh i see. thx for explaining it!