Shield Breaker Does Not Work on Ankylocodon


Using the Trystrionix defense shattering on the Ankylocodon does not break its defense. This a bug?


No, it has immunity.


Immunity could block defense shattering.
You could only use nullifying to remove its shield.


I noticed the same. :smiley: Nullifying strikes can remove buffs on an immune creature, but defense shattering strikes can’t remove shild (buff) on immun creatures. This doesn’t make any sense.


Thanks. First encounter with a creature with immunity and a shield


That is so complicated now. So only way to get rid of shield is with nullifying? You cant get rid of it with shattering strike?


Only if the creature has immunity, it seems.


Immunity is a positive attribute that will prevent your opponents from using anything that are positive to them (defence shattering, stunt, or anything that can slow your speed . . . etc). Nullifying moves will take away all the positive attributes including shield and immunity. I know its a bit confusing but that’s the logic. Your Trystrionix has immunity, u noticed it never get stuned?


Other shield dinos without immunity -> defense shattering works.
Ankylocodon (or any shield dinos with immunity might released in future) -> defense shattering doesn’t works.


Yes immune dinos can’t get stunned. But as Nullifying strike can remove shield, Defense shattering should also remove shield because it is the same. Not a debuff, just a buff remover. That would be logic.


Know what you meant, but it is what it is. It up to Ludia to decide . . . . .


Immunity to me means you cannot apply status effects. Shattering a shield is not applying a status effect, it is shattering a shield or de-buffing.
Immunity to having your shield shattered makes absolutely no sense.


Nullify used to not remove things like cloak but apparently that made things like irex too strong so they changed it.

Its dumb. If nullify can remove a cloak on an immune dino like irex or erlidominus then you should be able to break the shield of an immune dino. Just not stun, thagomize, etc.


This is what I wanted to stay. Ludia haven’t payed much attention about changes. They just wanted to nerf Indominus.


Yea true that. Why cant we break the shield of immune creatures. It isnt debuffing it is just removing a buff


The way I view it as follows.

Immunity is a passive effect that prevents a dinosaur from receiving a purely negative condition. Stuns, stat reductions, DoT, etc.

Defense-Shattering X is an armor-piercing move that happens to come with the ability to break through shields. The wording is specifically a negative effect.

Nullifying X is a basic damaging move that merely removes beneficial effects. The wording, while negative in context, is phrased more neutral in tone.

Overall though, it’s an isolated rules issue with exactly one dinosaur. I’m fine with it, considering even if it doesn’t break the shield, it still munches through the armor.


Munches through the armor… but is still reduced by the shield… which it is supposed to destroy to do unmitigated damage.

Shield and armor are different, thus the difference in the attack type.


It boils down to Ludia interprets Defense Shattering X as a negative effect covered by Immunity, while Nullifying X, though performing the same function (removing the shield and doing damage) as not.

Frankly, my head says Nullifying should fail just like Defense Shattering, because removing a beneficial effect is still a negative effect, and thus covered under Immunity.

But, like I said, this is an isolated instance. Ankylocodon is the only dinosaur in the game that has armor, a shield move, and Immunity. Leave it’s special niche alone and work around it.


I agree. It seems like it should be the other way around- immune to nullifying attacks but defenses can be broken.


I believe both should break shields. Immunity is really strong already. Just for thir reason ankylocodon is dominating low tiers right now even with such low damage. There is no playing around it. It basically has double the hp. I think defense shattering x should break immune shields