Shield Breaker Duo Epic Strike Tower

Anyone tried it yet? What level dinos are they? You only get one chance so I want to make sure I have my team ready.

It’s a level 30 Kaprosuchus and a level 30 Irritator.

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What did you use against them? I’m thinking veloci, tany, monimimus, and pyrrirtator.

It just glitched me out of it I couldn’t select my moves and had to close app and restart twice and then by the time I got back I was two down so there goes this one

Well… hard for me to give good advice, since I have a pretty high level team. I used my L26 utahraptor and it took care of both of them.

Be ready for the swap in strike by the kaprosuchus!

Is it still 100 to retry?

Could you remember how much damage they did so I can plan accordingly

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A lot but I couldn’t judge properly because of glitching out but beware of the swap in strike it took out my raptor before it kicked me

I need their stat, stat in metahub disappear.

Used level 23 indoraptor, took them both out no bother. Just remember kapro has swap in strike so don’t let your last Dino get to it’s last legs.

I did it with a level 21 irex and a level 18 monomimus. It wasn’t incredibly incredibly hard but I will say I got the worst incubator I ever have gotten.

I m at 15 level tier. I need their stat to make a plan. Can someone post here?

200 and 500

Yup that’s what cost me the first try! I used pyrritor ready to crush and it swapped and killed her!

The winning try was indominus 20cloak took out 3 /4 of first dinosaur than pyrritor 22 finished dinosaur one and half of dinosaur 2 and I finished with Postimetrodon 20

It glitched on me after I won saying I lost and after I close and reopen it shows what I missed and I clicked it too fast to see!

Sufficed to say when I went into my dinosaur list it looked as though I got more of the same crap as none of my team could be level up!

200! I’m good I think I’ll just leave this 1

Sounds more doable than the 2 birds. That was brutal.

Can someone screen shot their stats please it will really help a lot of us who may struggle with this event. TIA

I got you, about to give it a shot now. Wish me luck.

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