Shield Breaker Duo Epic Strike Tower

Alright! Kaprosuchus and Irritator are the tag teamers in this Super Strike Tower. What level are they? Would they be manageable for those who have Dinos with levels between 15 - 20?

I plan on using the Mono DNA to create Monominus, just to see if I can get a small edge, even though I won’t be able to even level it up to 17… My raptor is level 17, so that’s the only thing going for me… Other than that, I wish that I can see some stinking Kentrosaurus over here… I’m dying here ;-;

Can you tell how this 2 stat at lvl 30?

I had the hunch, but I was sorta praying it wasn’t the case. I’m not close enough to a tower right now to confirm.

Since it’s most likely them being level 30 dinos, I’m gonna have the most trouble then… I failed the Pterosaur Strike Tower… :persevere::worried:

Ouch, my highest dino is stegod at 18. The rest lower. I need their stat to make a plan. Like when i do ptero strike.

Yeah. I might have to incorporate dinosaurs that stun… I might need to use Trago this time… I wonder how long that will last ;-;

I can confirm that both of them are at level 30 as I have clicked that tower to see what are inside.
My highest level dino is my Stegodeus (21). I think I can’t beat them, but I will have a try.
Any idea how to fight?

Well when an was doing the other golden Strike Tower, I easily defeated then with Raptor and Mono themselves… But of course, they were around the same levels in that one :neutral_face:

Knowing the stats is important. Both of them have a speed of 123 so anything with 124 or higher will be good. I’ve got a high Tragodistis but both Dino’s have shield breakers so it’s important to remember that.
I believe it’s going to start with Irritator and swap in Kapro which will swap in strike and at level 30 after taking a hit from Irritator already it’s going to hurt. I really want to know this damage output to prep properly. I’ll give you more info when I get it but that’s probably going to be in 12 hours. Good luck

Both Dino’s health are a little over 5k, I went in with IRex, indoraptor, spinotasuchus and utasinoraptor. Started with IRex to face irrigator. I cloaked right away and prayed to RNG gods. Dodged the first hit and they swapped, in came kaprosuchus. Took away 3k+ of its health and was able kill it with next attacks. Then came irrigator and I lost IRex. I sent in spinotasuchus and bleed it to death but lost spinotasuchus in the next attacks. It was easy in a way if you have right Dinos.

And get the dodge at the start also hey?

I did the same, leading with I-Rex and cloaking. Irritator got its first hit in on me, but Kaprosuchus missed his attack. Then got a lucky crit in and offed him in one hit. Definitely made things a bit easier!

I wish I could create my IRex already… I’m a good 50 - 60 DNA before she’s made :stuck_out_tongue:

I used Stegod (22), Monomimus (20), then Tany (20). Worked great for me. Tany never took a hit, the other 2 were knocked out.

Posted a guide on Metahub that might help folks here. :slight_smile:


I’m only level 11 and I have done it with indominus, postimetrodon and stegodeus. Didn’t need the 4 (velociraptor). :muscle:t2::+1:t2:

It wasn’t as bad as I thought although a bit of luck!

Used lvl 20 in indominos who dodged the first hit and finished him off on the second. Followed him up using lvl 23 monolometrodon with the hit reduction going in first and managed to get the down quite a bit and finished off with lvl 18 tryst…

In return a load of rubbish lol…

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Level 23 already? Do you have a T-Rex breeding chamber in your kitchen? :o

What happens if you draw?

For those of you who are planning on using Monomimus for this strike, be careful if you are using evasive stance. Your evade may disappear if they do a swap-in strike on you. I’ve had that happened couple of times at the strike towers today


Let me rephrase that what I meant to say is I’m gonna do the deal on getting cash for a fiver and trying again and this time without it glitching out I got it