Shield Breaker Duo Epic Strike Tower

just a single free try, okay. Second try $ 200, a little expensive but okay. Third attempt 500 dollars, grumble

It’s monosopholaurus and dimitridon mix, a lot more common

Wait. You have level 23 Indoraptor? Weren’t you hating life a few weeks ago being 1DNA short to create?

I still don’t have one but I do have level 29 Stegodeus

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That was me :raising_hand_woman:t2:‍♀️ But I created it 26 days ago… and I’ve levelled it twice. Whereas @Hersh created his after me and is nearly at level 25 :unamused:

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And my stegodeous is only 24 :cold_sweat: yours would wipe the floor with my indo, it doesn’t dodge a thing!

I created my indoraptor before you @Heather and @Hersh but mine is still 21 lvl. I have started to regret my decision to create Trykosaurus next. All my rex dna goes to her now :see_no_evil: I got alot raptor dna now though


That’s different though you’ve concentrated your efforts elsewhere… I just don’t have any trex :joy:

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Strike tower wasnt that hard as they are vuln to debuffs.

Was an absolute HORRIBLE incubator reward though, was total garbage DNA and of course no Irritator at all, par for the broken course I guess. :expressionless:

Total waste of time…

Prime example as to why not to play this game unless you can spend lots of money.
Unless you pay alot into this game you won’t beat it. This is to make you want to pay more into this game just the same as they do with the battle system in tournaments. They have how to make money down right.

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No incubator for me this time. Wasted only chance on stupid way. Won’t pay 200 cash for possible lucky win.

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I was responding to Heather who has a Level 23 Indoraptor

For those without super high levels, I would recommend armor with slows to start. The reason is they will swap to kapro. If you thagomize the kapro when it swaps in on turn 2… you get to attack first both turns wo it cleansing. Run high damage after the tank goes down. Raptors are your best bet here… if he doesn’t cleanse and kills your tank and you still have priority, a slow heavy hitter is good too, TRex or allo might be worth a pick in this scenario


Cool stat sheet, curious where it’s from? I’m guessing Metahub, but I’ve seen multiple people posting that the stats there are “gone”…

it’s from an app called “JWA Index”, not sure if its on the app store but it is on the playstore


We could solve a science mystery. What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object. I’ve never met an Indoraptor that didn’t dodge me twice.

You loose. That’s what happened in previous events. Plenty of upset people. But it does say if you won you get a reward.

Most people who don’t have a crazy team have gone with Indominus’s and got lucky with a dodge as their first Dino. It’s risky but if your team is low it may be the best chance to do it.
I really wanna avoid that but not sure I have the pack to do it otherwise.

Thank you much appreciated :pray:

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Hey Janx this Is start of a strategy that I’m considering I’m not sure of your team.

Level 20 Indominus (no lower): cloak and get hit with 1.5 damage followed by Kapro swap SIA equals 3094 damage leaving you with 41 hp and you deliver 3594 leaving kapro on 1157 when it kills you with ferocious.
From there you should be ok I hope. just about any raptors in tandem should finish Irritator off I hope. I’m going to give it more thought. I need coffee to be certain of anything. Use monominimus later to remove the power up Irritator will have (you can get/level mono today)
I’m thinking of throwing Tragodistis in next as he’s still faster so can rampage cop one hit, stun and rampage again before being killed or swapping out.possibly use SS and then bring in Stegodeus with the first hit using that to keep it… I hate that you only get one crack at these things.

Anyone see any holes in my plan (other than the eventual criticals that will inevitably stuff the whole plan up.