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Shield..bug or not...need help on turns

Hi Guys,

i dont know if its a bug or not or if i am too stupid to get a correct understanding of ludias definition of a round.
maybe someone has an officila statement…
and sorry if i didnt see if that was already answered

so the situation is:
me: tryko / move: priority shield
op: dont remeber / move: switch to stygidarix


  1. stygi comes up with his shield
  2. my shield comes up
  3. both shields disapear
  4. stgyi is faster and hits me with his number 1 attack

so i would expect my shield to block his number 1 attack
and his shield should stay up too until my attack is finished

what went wrong?
am i wrong by how i think the shield should work?
does the shield work correctly?
is my definition of a turn incorrect?

thanks and regards

“Rounds” in JWA exist only in Raids. “Turns” have nothing to do with the typical definition of a round. Turns work like they do in chess, or UNO.

Your shield should have stayed up long enough to block the Daryx’s attack. Daryx’s shield should have stayed up until it attacked.

So yes, you’re definition of a turn is incorrect, as is your understanding of how shields work. 2.0 or not, Daryx’s shield would not have stayed up until Trykosaurus attacked.

The word “bamboozled” makes the thread easy to find.

In all likelihood, you’ll be able to understand how it works if you try. But that’s a pretty big “if”. This goes for everyone, you won’t understand if you just call BS before getting to that step.

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thank you very much