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Shield moves completely bugged

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Bug Description: Group taunting shield and Instant invincibility Taunt don’t act like in-game description

Area is was found in: Arena

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Maxima vs Dio matchup. Maxima faster.
1-Maxima group decelerating rampage
1-Dio group taunting shield (priority)
So the shield comes up and absorbs GDR. Everything ok.
2- Maxima resilient strike
2- Dio resilient rampage.
Shield still up and absorb resilient strike. Everything ok, resilient rampage + counter kills Maxima.
Shield still up (it shouldn’t since 2 attacks are gone)
Enters opponent Tragodistis (faster). Shield still up
3 - Tragodistis group decel strike
3 - Dio resilient strike
Shield still up and absorbs the third attack in a row, then vanishes.

Step 2 - Later the same matchup

  • Miragaia heal itself (priority)
  • Dio instant invincibility taunt (priority but performing after Miragaia cause Dio slower)
    Shield vanishes right after without absorbing any opponent’s attack (Miragaia was faster). Before 2.0 shield would have been on absorbing next attack.

How often does it happen: step 1 just one time, enough for creating this post
Step 2 more than once

What type of device are you using:

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

Really, what’s going on with this shield moves? They don’t seem really acting like in game description.
I know that the IIT silent change / fix is really welcome by the community, but there is a huge post about it in the forum without any kind of response or clarification.
Moreover seems that now group taunting shield lasts 3 turns and 3 attacks…
Can we please have some devs clarification about these behaviour especially in relation to how turn works so the community can understand? Thank you


Hi @Marco_A, thank you for sharing this. I’ll forward the first part of your report to the team as the shield ability should not be absorbing 3 attacks. However, the second part involving Miragaia is working as intended, as Diorajasaur using a priority ability but acts second counts as a full turn. This is why the shield dispersed the next turn since it only lasts a turn.

That isn’t true. The Miragaia was faster.

1: Miragaia uses heal
2: Dio uses IIT
3: Miragaia attacks
4: Dio’s next turn, i.e. the end of the shield

So the shield should definitely have blocked Miragaia’s attack. Please recheck.

Other players have mentioned similar bugs involving this move too.


Just battled PvP this happened:

Somewhere in battle

I: tryko opponent: Erlidominus
Erlidominus does priority cloak
Tryko goes instant invincibility (went second)
Next turn my shield (which just got up half a second ago) disappears
Erlidominus does distraction move and I get full hit.


That’s exactly what @Qaw is saying. It can’t be working as intended. Reading your sentence you refer to “a turn” as the combination of the selection of moves by players plus their effect. When both moves have performed the turn finishes, and an other one begins when players have to select an other attack.
That’s in total contraddiction with (taken from release notes): " When do we count turns? Abilities that count the number of turns will count until the affected unit’s turn , instead of the ability user’s turn." because until 2 days ago IIT was blocking 2 attacks if the user was slower, and between those attacks player has to select an other attack, so (always referring to your sentence) IIT was lasting between 2 turns.
Now, if you tell us that a turn is referred to both battling creatures and is composed by, in temporal succession:
A - Moves selection by players
B - Moves execution by creatures.
then i can confirm that IIT is working as intended (we could open a discussion whether it is right/balanced/stupid or not that it desperses if acting second but that’s a separate and from a design point of view), if a turn is referred to a single creature lasting from one attack until an other than all of this is a total mess.
I think that in a game like this, with effects that can last for a certain period of time, there is a need to define exactly when a turn START and when FINISHES, because it can’t be implemented as a single moment.
@Qaw please help me since you explain these kind of things way better than me :joy:

Let’s just wait and see what @Ronald says. We shouldn’t have to be explaining how the game works lol.


Scenario 1:
A - Moves selection by players
B - Moves execution by creatures.
A + B is a whole turn, referring to both creatures, starting at the beginning of A and finishing at the end of B by temporal succession.

Scenario 2
A - Creature X performs an attack
B - Creature Y performs an attack
C - Creature Y performs an attack due to becoming faster (it’s an example)
D - Creature X performs an attack

Turns are separated and referring to a singular creature
Creature X’s turn starts at A and finishes before D.
Creature Y’s turn starts at B and finishes before C.

@Ronald can you tell us which is the correct scenario that defines turns? If there is one?

Yeah you’re right though…

Hello DPG members, our team provided an explanation regarding shield effect durations. You can find it here. Thank you!