Shields discussion

Ok,i got this in my mind since 2.0 but forgot to mention it so here it is:
Is anyone here find this logic?
Why taunting shields last 2 turn and can reduce the damage of 4 attacks while short shield last 2 turn and can reduce the damage of ONLY 2 attacks?
It doesnt taunt already,it shouldn’t be weaker.
In front of any counter attacker,it is useless.

Here is the example with nodopatitan:Taunting shield can block 4 attacks

Here is the short defense of stegodeus.
Can parry only 2 attacks.


Maybe because you’re taunting you’ll receive more attacks. It may be useful for raids I guess.


I agree for raids,but in term of Pvp,if you fight a counter attacker,your shields will last only 1 turn:
And moreover,we all notice taunting shield have 1 turn cooldown while short defense have 2 turn cooldown.
Basically,it is just a worst version of it.