Shields in the Brachiosaurus Raid

This post has been translated.

Bug Description: I always notice a certain bug when I take an Epic Ankylosaurus to a Brachiosaurus Raid. For example, an Ankylosaurus uses group shields in 1 turn. It takes damage, but other players take no damage (Brachiosaurus only hits one creature). The error is that the shields of all raid participants disappear, but they didn’t get damage! And the shields must last 2 turns 2 attacks! Please check the shields on this raid.

Area is was found in: Raid.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1 - Go to the Brachiosaurus Raid with friends and take the epic Ankylosaurus.
Step 2 - Use group shields. Wait until you see the error.

How often does it happen: Always.

What type of device are you using: Android.

This is not a bug I think. At least not one that is related to this Raid, but all raids in general. In the second turn, Shield will last only until every creature use their move, if the boss was faster than the participant players’ creatures, then shields will last while boss attack, and still disappear once their creatures make their move.

I think it doesn’t work correctly because it’s still 1 turn. I don’t know.