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Shields should negate Stun

Would help against impending SISS and make Instant Charge more counterable. It’s always been kind of stupid to see a shield up and have your creature get dazed through it.

I think that in return, Long Invincibility should disappear as a move altogether.

There are already so many stun resistant creatures! Please stop destroying even more stunning dinos


I’m not a fan of stun moves (especially the swap in ones) but really they are fine.

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no i agree on principal a shield shoudl stop a stun every see captain america get stunned :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry addon to that waht i mean is a shield should give an extra chance to not be stunned …

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Honestly, I just think we need more on escape options, plus a different way swap ins work. With the on escape, it could also affect the one swapping in. Now with the actual swap in mechanic, I think it should be like this. The creature swaps in. The opponents creature is faster, however. This allows the opponent to get their attack off first. I’m not sure this is the best way, but it’s a possibility.