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Shifts in the meta: Stuff that 2.0 will change

Just a thread discussing what’s going to be meta-relevant now and what isn’t, given that basically everything has changed. Matchup probabilities and calculations are all invited, especially concerning the old meta creatures and how their matchups will change.

Maybe at the end we can come up with a list of important matchups and what beats what.

Of course, the important ones are the Epic hybrids, since we got so used to the old balance of power between them, the Legendaries, which have been shaken up so much, and the Uniques, some of which have had complete role-reversals.

Even the non-hybrid matchups have changed, with an insane buff to Allo G2, a nerf to Marsupial Lion and the Woolly Mammoth, and a pretty cool Woolly Rhino buff.


Can’t comment on match ups but I think distracters and bleeders will be making a come back.

I for one will be happily returning rinex and Thyla to my team


Orion. I said it in another thread but this thing is the best Dino
in the game post update. It has got the broken crafty strike, more resistances and even a nul counter. You might think resilient destroy it, but long invincibility change the tides of most matchups. This is just h2h. Because Orion 's main role is to swap into unfavourable matchups. Its swap in dodge will allow it to switch into bad matchups and delete them. It makes an excellent tag team with the other best dinos. Tryko, tenrex, dio and max love having their checks gone and in turn, Orion benefits from the tanks dinosaurs switching in and dealing with resilient. Not only that, but it also dents every dino to the point where a speedster can just come in and finish off

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Well about epic hybrids

Rixis is OP end of discussion

What about indom g2?

Scapotator it’s almost trash with 2700 healt and 800 DMG :pleading_face:

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Yeah. Unfortunately it looks like it’ll be the new Monomimus.

Gonna be running…err…try running SteGod and TenRex

What I really want to know if if Tenrex’s healing move will heal all my other creatures in the arena too. They haven’t specified yet.

I think it just heals the dinos/creatures that are currently being played. It would be cool tho to heal offhand creatures, then that will play a bigger aspect in the battle arena. Because running DiloRach or TenRex and swapping in and out would be annoying and helpful. Especially if you got creatures with SI-Attacks. Sad the new update brought the nerf hammer down to my Monostego.
And when I mean brought down, I mean like this:

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Enjoy it while you can maxima :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:


All enter the Motrom Rex metta!
it will probably be on a lot of teams that are able to take it down enough to create it.

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Having an Instant level 26 is going to be great. It’s move set is very one-dimensional, but it could be interesting.

it could get buffed when other Apex creatures get added. depends on what Ludia wants for top tier creatures.

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I wonder how much DNA we’ll be able to get per week for Mortem. Assuming the trend of an extra 50 DNA per rarity, we should need 300 DNA to unlock Mortem. Just gotta see how much we’ll get from the Raids.

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I’m thinking something like 50 -100 for the first kill (it ain’t gonna be easy) then drastically lower rewards like 10 per kill after.