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Shiny is recruiting!

Hey! The shiny alliance is recruiting!

We are a kind, active and friendly alliance with members from around the globe!
We have 10/9 alliance missions.
Tier 7 tournament.
Raptor sunday (everyone requests and donates raptor for coins on sunday
Cash links and JWA news.

We are looking for 2000 trophy players that always do their 10 takedowns.
Also level 15 players would be nice.

We also require discord. You can contact me at Sensations.#6194 or our leader at qannp

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Still have around 8 spots open.

I am only level 13 and have over 3200points in battle arena and I am active player but from europe

do you have discord

Yes I have

What is your name and tag?

Discord: Piotr#1096
Jw alive: JoeMama

friend sent

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Awesome and great

6ish spots left. Contact on discord to join