Shop Lag


I brought some darts earlier, having managed to run myself out and spotting a rare I wanted.

I completed the purchase, but due to my desire to get the rare before it disappeared, (they have a habit of doing that!) I clicked through the “Purchase Complete” screen bearly registering it.

I tried to start the hunt and got a message about a lack of resources. I checked my dart count and it was still 0. I came out and nosed around, wondering if they came in an email or something.

I couldn’t see anything so assumed in my rush I had misread the confirmation so went into the shop again and brought darts. This time I read the confirmation and had the darts when I exited it.

I went into the hunt but when I came out I had another 120 darts and a second $100 had gone.

It was at least 20 seconds between the first purchase and me going back into the shop, the map gave none of its usual indications of network issues. This seems an unacceptable amount of delay for them to turn up.

Additionally I think it is pretty poor coding that the purchase complete message isn’t synced with the purchae showing up client side - I would rather sit in a “transaction processing” screen waiting than being back on the map wondering what has happened to my purchase.

I would also suggest that if purchasing darts that will take the buyer over the 140 limit, even thought they get them all, the system confirms, based on a server side dart count check, that they intended to make the purchase and giving a chance to cancel it with full refund.

Having well over 140 darts wasted a load of darts from spins once I got to several stops further on my journey.

Kind Regards