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Shopping spree!

I went a little crazy today. Been saving for a couple months, and I just made all my hard work (or is it patience?) pay off.

This is a screenshot from earlier this week (after the Dunkleosaurus tournament)

My highest creature was a lvl 20 Tapejalocephalus

And here is my resources and lineup now :laughing:
Love Armormata. And hello Indoraptor! I just went for the gen 2 first because I like it’s stats and appearance more.

And I ran out of foooooooodd!!! :sweat_smile:



That is so cool!!! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
So much dino, how much time did it take you to get all the resources and hatch all creature?
how are you going to balance your lineup??

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I mean, the top 10 of my dinos are fairly similar in stats, so I think it’s pretty good right now, need more amphibians though. Maybe 2 lvl 30 gorgos or something. I still have 200k DNA left, so we’ll see what I do with it next Wednesday’s hybrid sale.

It took me a long time… like many months. Maybe a year in total? I played for a few months back in Spring 2019, then came back in late Fall 2020. I also first tried the game when it was new in 2015 or 2016, so when I came back to it in 2019 I had already unlocked a lot of the base creatures, and when I returned in 2020 I was in a good place. I only had VIP for one month the entire time I’ve been playing.


Wow, looks like a 600,000 DNA well spent. For amphibians you could also get a few diplosuchuses if you have enough SDNA, unfortunately you’d need a level 40 to be useful in your lineup.



Finally! Someone else who posted a Thanos meme. :rofl:

Nice progress @Bryce_P:+1:t3:


Yeah it did pretty much cost everything.
Now I’m saving again and maybe in a month or two I will do it all again.


Haha, this one is good.

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