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Shores timer is now 30 seconds

so, with the daily update, Piere from the JWA discord discovered that the shores timer is now 30 secs. This is an amazing change which makes me want to get to shores before the end of the season! Hopefully droppers will become less of an issue not that the timer problem has been fixed.


Can confirm, I’m in shores and the timer is 30 seconds. Way better than the 120 seconds it used to be.


Not really a dropper, but I sit idle on the Gyro line till last week.
I’m going full throttle now.
I see no reason to stay in Gyro.
If everyone else kicks it into gear it will be a positive domino effect.


yeah now I’m going back to shores as well instead of waiting till end of season like I usually do

sweet. now players that should be in shores have a shorter timer and are more willing to climb and stay up there. this will affect everyone as the push from the season reset will be lessened. I’m happy for it even tho i’m only in library.

Actually you should make it to Gyro now.
There will probably be a power vacuum maybe?
I’m kinda more excited than I thought I would be.

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I’m low library. 5K -5100. I’ll go up a bit, but i don’t think i’ll hit 5500 with lv 23s. :sweat_smile:

@arugono will be happy to see this. Well congratulation top player. hopefully @Idgt902 and @practicekat will comeback to this game. I just love to see their team in leaderboard


I had 3 lvl23 dinos on my team the first time I hit Gyro, if you play it smart (and get a bit lucky) you can do it. :slight_smile:

Look at the leaderboard they have been back.

Yeah I am.

Both of the. are back playing quietly. Both are too far ahead from me to battle too.

Seems Ludia has woken up.

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I doubt that this fix would bring them back b maybe Ludia has finally woken up

The other day I battled idgt and he was using some diff dinos. Had no idea it was him until end of game.

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They are back but not in AP. Prob wanted to try out the patch and see the experience.

Whether they are 100% in again, is for them to tell us.

Just checked the leaderboard. They’re in AP again

What a shame, Ive chosen to stay unboosted for the time being. Without boost i can only last one battle on gyro before i get my butt whooped back into library.

The timer is at 30 seconds now which is nice.

What isn’t nice is the “matchmaking failed” is back with a vengeance and brutal as ever.


yup. at least the overall wait time is the same.

Did not realize @practicekat had left. Still high on the ladder.

She recently returned. Shows how good and dedicated such players are. They can take a 2 week break and still be top in the leaderboard.