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Short Defence cooldown skip?

I was just battling a stegodues mirror match. It had a short defence up, so I played defence until its two turns of protection were up. Thanks to superiority strike I was slower but I could still hit it with an AP rampage from my stego after I survived its hit. Then it pulled out short defence, literally the turn after its shield disappeared. From my experience there’s supposed to be a turn delay between shield setups, so how did this guy manage to shorten his cooldown?

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I have noticed this before but i thought i maybe just miscounted.
There is a bug where the shield doesn’t disappear visually so maybe it could be that?

Its not a visual bug as Ive seen it to, the turn the shield drops they use it again, Ive even counted several times to make sure it wasnt there original shield visual glitching and nope…

I just had it happen to my advantage.
Shields stayed up and active, dropped and were able to be reactivated before they should have been available.
I took the opportunity.

I don’t think it’s a bug. It’s a trick about understanding turn based matches.

If you play your short defense when you are slower than your enemy, on the turn your short defense is off cooldown you are faster than your enemy, you can put up your shield again.

For instance, if your stegod is lower level and opponent hits first, you choose to put up your shield, the shield starts to count on the next round (which lasts for two turns). Then on the third round (you must still be slower than your opponent) if you use ss or thago to make your stegod faster on the 4th turn, you can use your shield again.

Remember, once you’ve used your short defense, you have to use two other moves before you can put up your shield again. Because on the third turn you are slower than your enemy and on the fourth turn you are faster, you will be acting like going twice in a row, so you can put up your shield.