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Short Defense bug? Or am I bad at counting?

I posted about this before but I still haven’t gotten a solid answer.

I used Majundasuchus in the tournament against a dracorex. I deployed my shield “50% shield for 2 attacks, lasting 2 turns”, and the next turn the dracorex did an instant charge. It hit, my Majundasuchus was stunned (count ONE turn) but then my shield disappeared! It only lasted one turn! Same thing with Purutaurus, I deploy, it blocks a counter attack, but then disappears for the main attack!

If you deploy instant invincibility though, it essentially says the same thing “100% shields for 2 attacks, lasting 1 turn” - but instant invincibility lasts through two attacks. Short defense does not.

Someone please help, it is very frustrating.

What gives?

This is done because of the way that algorithm works. Instant moves (for some reason) don’t count the turn they’re applied, while normal ones don’t. This is weird and I’ve been working on a study to see exactly how turns work. The “attacks will change things

That’s not what’s happening. What’s happening is the shields count user turns instead of opponent turns now. It’s in the release notes.

This means that Instant Invincibility Taunt works like Cloak now. It wears off when the user attacks.
This only applies because it lasts for 2 attacks, while Gemini’s instant Invincibility lasts for 1 attack, so it wears off anyway.

I’ve already explained to you everything about how turns work, based on my own experimentation. I did make one mistake, which was saying that a death counts as a turn. It does, but only when the opponent is faster, meaning the opponent lost their turn, but had chosen a move.
I don’t see why you insist on saying there’s something to be studied, when it’s really quite straightforward.

For this update, things have changed, in particular to do with how shields and evasion last. There’s also bugs involved, since the shield doesn’t seem to count non-damaging moves as attacks anymore, and doesn’t count Swap-in damage abilities as attacks either.

Also, @Tom_Ludwig, are you 100% sure that the shield disappeared, and did not simply become invisible? Because there’s a lot of Shielding moves that have been becoming invisible lately.

I’m sure it didn’t disappear, because my creature died when the attack came and it was a full strength attack.

I’ve also notice that anything with evasive strike vs a counter attack creature only evades the counter attack, but does not evade the attack of the opponent.

I think there is something going on with counter attacks. If you put a shield up, that’s one, the counter attack is two, then it is spent and you are left defenseless.

That’s a pretty deep and unfortunate wrinkle in the game, counter attacking creatures will now be the best in the game because they can counter any defense, including evasive/dodge.

Oh, I hadn’t noticed that. But it does make sense, since in the move descriptions for some debuffs they now count counter-attacks as regular attacks.

But it seems to me like Evasive Strike should dodge both, since moves like Cunning Strike Distract both the counter and the actual attack.

Okay, and did your speed change by any chance? As in, did you start out slower than the opponent and end up faster?

If it isn’t any if those, and the shield wasn’t nullified or destroyed, then it’s probably a bug.