Short-Range spawns, oh my goodness

With the current situation of the world, Short-Range exclusive spawns is one of the worst idea to implement. Many countries are still in lockdown/quarantine, and people go outside for essential items, not to play JWA. The way I see it, there are two solutions.

•Remove the idea altogether. Move the new creatures to Global Anytime, leave them there, and get rid of the Short-Range exclusive concept


•Allow scent capsules (5 minute, 20 minute, Giga, Rare, and Epic) to attract Short-Range exclusive creatures

I’m leaning towards the latter option, because the concept could be good in the future when Covid isn’t as prominent. But until that issue is solved, this is not a good idea for the game.


agreed. i was so hyped to search for these creatures until it was short range only. i would like to have them show up in giga scents or whatever, even if it is a reduced chance


The new para is a short range night exclusive when in many country there is a curfew!!!

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Curfew is definitely another reason why this idea wasn’t good to implement right now.

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I would just do option 1, since I’m pretty sure the only reason they created the whole short range thing was to keep people from spamming giga scents. I would be fine with option 2 though. I’m ok with scents having a smaller chance to attract some dinos, as long as there’s still some chance of finding them.

The thing is, some people rely on scents for other reasons besides covid. Maybe they don’t have the ability to walk around much, so scents enable them to hunt from home. Or maybe they live in a dangerous neighborhood where it isn’t safe to walk around with your phone out. Are we supposed to expect these people to track down Parasaurolophus Lux at NIGHT? Scents allow people in these kinds of situations to access the same game we all love. But locking certain dinos behind short range spawns denies them access (or at least reasonable access) to these creatures.

DNA is DNA, why should they care if I had to walk three miles to find it? If they really want to encourage walking, they should add incentives like Pokemon Gos buddy system and eggs. Reward players for walking instead of punishing them for using scents. Because for some, scents might be their only option.


Short range spawns I think are a good idea as it’s a new way to get more creatures in the game but not dilute the normal spawns.

The time of introduction not so good with covid curfews and winter in the northern hemisphere.

Can’t wait to go a freeze to death looking for Para Lux