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Short tournaments

Not sure anyone posted this suggestion before, but what do you all think about some shorter tournaments occassionally? Say, 1 day? So ppl who have to work, have a busy family life, or health issues, etc., can also participate in one of these. And then maybe also a longer tournament, for example 1 week? I think different lengths would be interesting. Entry fee can be different, prices too. It would make the game more inclusive imho.

Anyone any thoughts on this?


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If its any shorter than the 3 day tournament they just had, then it limits the amount of people that can play exactly for the reasons you listed tho. If they do a 1 day tournament and you’re busy, you’re screwed. The 3 day tournament they did helps with that

You have a point yes. They could do two short tournaments in the same weekend though, to allow more ppl to join one of those 1 day tourneys if they want?

I think that a 3 day tourney also makes it pretty much necessary to battle for most of those 3 days (or 4 days for Europe due to time difference it starts Fri afternoon, ends Mon afternoon) ie if you want to seriously compete for a position on the Leaderboard. So it’s not like you can just pick 1 or 2 days for battling :sweat_smile:

I finished 47th last tournament and only played Sunday afternoon/night and like 30 minutes before work Monday morning

Wow!! :scream: I battled for over 15 hrs on friday plus saturday (1st open skill tourney) and I think I ended somewhere 1400 by the end of the tourney ie I dropped off the leaderboard saturday already and couldn’t climb back up plus I was so tired of battling by then. I didn’t have Maiasaura though maybe that was the problem. Hope to get her this wednesday, need 10 more dna to create :sweat_smile:

Personally I like the 3 day weekend tournaments. 3 days is plenty and everyone gets a chance. A one day event seems fairly pointless if I’m honest.

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I miss the long tournanents. I work odd hours so these weekend tournaments I don’t really get to compete in very much.

And when the tournaments took several days I had plenty of time to work towards my goal.

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If the new events using special rules, like the Open Skill, were seven days long I would be happy. It was when tournaments were not separate to Arenas and lasted 3 weeks that was the problem. With the new way of tournaments I’d be happy.


Alot of us are looking forward to the new season as well. The algorithm needs to fixed first tho. Hopefully that’s why they’re holding off

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I’m curious if they’ll do the commons tourney next? Could get interesting too :slightly_smiling_face:

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