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Shorten time outs in still event

This has happened on 2 separate occasions, same series of events.

I am playing a strike event. I make my move selection. Waiting on NPC. Waiting. Waiting for 240 seconds. NPC makes its move. I make another selection. Wait. Wait. Wait another 240 seconds. Kill the dino
Next dino comes up. I’m down 1, NPC is now down 2. I make my move selection, waiting. And DEFEATED. Apparently game disconnected enough to whoop my Dino’s? It’s happened twice. Recently I was on 4G, not spotty service near my house.

I can deal with the disconnect and lose, but I waited 12 minutes to lose that strike event. There are better things I could be doing: like watching paint dry.

Can you shorten the time outs between moves on a strike event? If people really need the extra time, maybe add a button to “buy” extra time for coin/IAP?

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