Should a successful dodge equal zero damage taken now that resilience is everywhere? Poll

Sooo, what if successful dodges resulted in the user taking 0 damage again, like in the old days? Now that most of the creatures in the game can completely ignore evasion, I think it would be fair, plus it would help cunning creatures do better against the fierce creatures they’re meant to counter in the first place, and to some extent the fierce-resilient hybrids. This doesn’t have to apply to every single evasion ability in the game, but I think it should to ones like Cloak and Evasive Stance. They recently buffed the HP of quite a lot of Cunning creatures, in some cases it was kinda unnecessary, so that could be reversed wherever necessary and they could get this instead.

It would also help newer players deal with crazy-boosted opponents that can deal thousands of damage even against successful dodges coughThorcough, since the matchmaking or dropping forces them to cross paths.

Should a successful dodge equal zero damage taken?
  • Yes, universally
  • Yes, in some cases
  • No
  • Neutral

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I believe that the dodge abilities that do no damage like Evasive stance, sidestep, and both cloaks should negate all damage on success. Tho sidestep is iffy because it is already a 100% chance to reduce damage unlike the others. (and orion can just stall for days with it.)


Yeah, Sidestep is the one I was unsure about too.

100% dodge chance, 67% damage mitigation for nondamaging dodge moves. Already applies to sidestep, now extend it to the prowls (but not evasive stance).

Everything else stays the same.


I agree that dodge could use a buff. But I don’t think they should ever block 100% of damage. I would draw the line halfway in between. I like that they changed dodge so that a dodged attack always does some damage. But at the same time, it makes sense that a non (fully) dodged attack shouldn’t do full damage.

I would do it like this. Most dodges would have a 75% chance to to dodge 66.6% of damage, like they do now. But they would also have a 25% chance of dodging 33.4% of damage, not 0%. That way dodge becomes much more reliable, and chompers would find it much harder to simply bust through dodge on a lucky hit.


which dodges were you thinking would get this change?

Basically every dodge that currently is 75% chance to dodge 66.6% if damage. So evasive stance, Evasive strike and Impact, Cautious strike, Camouflage, Cloak, Prowl/Deliberate Prowl, and On Escape Evasive Strike.

If you have any objections or suggestions, let me know though.

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Cloak and dodge should be different tbh. Cloak should be miss, with a 50% chance, to avoid all damage. Basically old dodge, whereas evasion is the new mechanic

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i see cloak being problematic to deal with here. on one side, Erlidom can use the buff, but on the other, the indoms really don’t. not without a slight nerf to make up for it.

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Thats true. Cloak is already really unreliable though, even for the indoms, because it can just be removed by any resilient attack. The reason it’s better on the Indoms is that they have a strong matchup against resilients, so you’re less likely to use them. Maybe they could make two versions of the cloak, one for erlidom that always blocks damage, and one for the Indoms that doesn’t. Or give them some other kind of nerf?


I can see the argument for that, but it only makes cloak less reliable, when reliability is the biggest issue with using the move.

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can always give revenge cloak that dodge mechanic (plus maybe keeping the 3x damage) and leave normal cloak alone

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Thats a good solution. It would mean Indom loses that extra damage, but it doesn’t really need it anyway. Or the revenge aspect could just be the extra block, without the 3x damage. It’s usually overkill anyway.


The part I wanted to deal with wasn’t just the reliability, but also the fact that evasion is useless if your opponent has high enough attack damage. In the arena there’s going to be large level differences, so this would help with that.

That said, it would be annoying to have an opponent survive with one HP, then keep dodging everything and taking zero damage. Perhaps instead of dodging 67% damage, it could dodge 90%? That way you can still chip away at the opponent while still dealing less.
Or maybe it could be more like 80%.


I agree. The trick is finding the point where the opponent still does some damage, but not so much that they can 1-shot you even if you dodge successfully.


laughs in max attack boosted thor and Mortem.


only some moves (like “Total Evasion”) should have a 100% dodge effect (meaning no damage is taken)

Thing is cloak is kind of risk reward, so I suppose that’s why I don’t consider reliability as much when discussing cloak over dodge.

Dodge & Cloak are moves I always hesitate on. There are buff fierce strikers who end up still destroy my cunning strikers even though they are meant to overtake the fierce class. I don’t think it should be 100% but it is a good point that resilience is everywhere and I barely use my yoshis’ evasive stance because it either dies from getting too much damage (even with dodge) or just has it’s dodge removed and then slowed down. Even a good 75% to dodge 75% would be better compared to 66.7% damage dodge.

Revenge cloak already has the dodge mechanic with the 3x damage.