Should a successful dodge equal zero damage taken now that resilience is everywhere? Poll

It is. I think they realized the risk would increase when they added resilient attacks, so they buffed the reward to match. I would rather they lower both the risk and the reward to make the move have more consistent value. So no more 3x damage buff, but also a greater chance of survival to actually use the move.

Make the Indoms able to be slowed again.

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That would work, although it makes sense that they have deceleration immunity now.

They’ve never been able to be slowed!?!?

It depends on whether you like the idea of dodge or evasion as a reasonable move. Personally I never liked them full stop so I’m not the one to ask in this debate.

One of the most annoying moves in the game other than IC is the swap in distraction used by Thyla. So if it were able to swap in and receive no damage, then prowl and receive no damage, then hit a crit with a rend it would just be ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that it could bleed and prowl to finish plenty of meta uniques.

Do you remember the battles with the op Monomimus in the old days? Every hit was dodged and it received no damage. And when it didn’t dodge it would have used distraction and probably wouldn’t receive damage again.

Sorry, I hate the dodge/evasive mechanic and was overjoyed when it was nerfed so it’s a big no from me.

Erlidominus should have never lost its immunity. It’s already one of the most frail uniques. The fact that resilient moves can decloak it is already enough of a counter when Erlidominus already can’t break shields or armor. Revenge cloak’s 3x damage as a “buff” is just unnecessary overkill when it already has 40% crit chance. Make the Revenge aspect solely affect the cool down delay and give it something more pragmatic.

My mistake, I guess I mean Erlidom coming from that family should keep that trait.

The two titans are frail now so I don’t mind it being un-immune.

Eh, I don’t know. Erlidom is a pure cunning, it would be weird if it couldn’t be slowed at all. It’ll go from underpowered to overpowered instantly, even without the 3x damage.

Instead, I would replace it’s rampage with a stronger speedup move, maybe one that increases by 30%. Then it would still have 126 speed after being slowed, but it could still be removed by resilient attacks.

Or, they could give Erlidom 75% resistance instead of 50. That way, it’ll have at least 113 speed after being slowed no matter what. I actually like this solution the best. It would still outspeed the two towers and Tryko, but not some of the faster resilients. This gives more value to Mammolania, Smilonemys, and some of the lesser used resilient uniques.

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The two towers (soon to be three) already massacre Erlidoms. As if slowing and de cloaking isn’t enough, they have the opportunity to completely shut out any of its moves with the Invincibility shield. It doesn’t seem right that Erlidom can be countered so hard but it doesn’t really counter anything that hard reliably in return

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Well it does beat every other speedster except turkey so its fine to me.

Rather than change dodge, I would prefer that Resilient attacks did not remove cloak/dodge. That would be fine then.

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But then resilient attacks are superiority moves with the speed increase remove

Exactly my thoughts

Then,there will be no way to remove cloaks except nullifying…which reduce to not even 10 creatures.

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Sidestep and prowl are tough though, because they have no cooldown. You could theoretically use them to stall indefinitely if they dodged 100% of damage.

If they did this, resilient attacks should remain precise at least. And a limited number of resilients should gain dodge removal effects (as I described in my resilient rework).

Then,the opponent can swap to another resilient creature and stop the show.

But what if they don’t have a resilient? The only other move that blocks 100% of damage is Invincibility, and those moves all have long cooldowns. This is a thing that should never be allowed to happen. Making dodge never 100% effective was a good call by Ludia, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be more effective than it is now.

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Maybe the damage mitigation should be higher, instead of 66,7% why not 75, 80 or even 90%? It would be a compromise between 100% and what we have now.

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