Should a successful dodge equal zero damage taken now that resilience is everywhere? Poll

BTW I’m discussing this in general. Not just with regards to the poll.

It doesn’t matter how many of any particular class are in the game, since you’re only allowed eight on your team at a time. And I don’t see anyone running eight resilients. I think being in the higher arenas, where most of the best dinos happen to be resilients and there are next to no true fierce, clouds our judgment. Go to the lower arenas, and stuff like Stegodeus is barely even viable. If resilient attacks really are so oppressive, stuff like Stegod should be at the top of the meta.

Besides, going back to my shield analogy, shield breaking is also extremely common. But no one sees this as a problem.

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No damaging moves:
For side step, both prowl and camouflage could be Dodge 75% 100%
cloack could be Dodge 66.4% 100%, or Dodge 100% 66.4%?, Since increase damage
Revenge cloack could also be dodge 75% 100 or Dodge 100% 75%.
Evassive stance Dodge 100% 75% or Dodge 75% 100%


Evassive impact and strike could be Dodge 100% 66%,
Fearless flap and cautious strike could be Dodge 75% 100%
And i think those are all evassive moves

I just did the Fierce Strike today. I brought out my Erlidominus against his T Rex and cloaked, but the dodge failed and I was killed instantly. That exact situation is what needs to be fixed about dodges, by some combination of making failed dodges still dodge some damage, and making successful dodges dodge more damage.


I look at dodge as another kind of a shield. A shield will hold up against anything that’s not shield breaking or nullifying without fail. Therefore, dodge should hold up against anything that’s not precise or nullifying. It’s a different variant of the same concept and it should be treated with the same respect. The fact that a fierce move has a chance to completely bypass it is class-breaking, as fierce moves are usually coming from higher base-attack creatures and cunning creatures are usually lower HP.

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Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Here’s what I would do:

Dodges have a 75% chance to dodge 75% of damage. This way, it’s harder to bust through dodge with raw damage. To beat a dodge, you would need to use a resilient (or another dino with precise/dodge removal).

Currently, dodges have a 25% chance to dodge 0% of damage. To make them more reliable and worth using, this would be changed to a 25% chance to dodge 20-35% of damage. Enough to still Impact the overall damage output, but not enough to prevent stuff like Indoms cloaking from being defeated by strong hits.

With dodges being more reliable, I think it would be ok for resilient attacks to be as common as they are. However, they could change them to being only precise, so dodges would still work against other moves on resilient creatures. But since dodge removal as a mechanic is critical for resilients to have, a limited number of resilients would be given new attacks that slow and remove dodge, but don’t cleanse distraction. This way they can’t counter every single cunning option at once.

True in low-mod arenas it’s at least half of the team fierce creatures the amount of teams that I’ve seen with almost all fierce is crazy

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Same tried a revenge cloak on mi indominus and just got obliterated, same in arena my indom, thyla and yoshi’s dodge failed all of them

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