Should all creatures get a gen 2?

Do you think every creature deserves a gen 2 or do you think we have enough gen 2s

Atm we need more useful creatures, not more useless ones


Not trying to be rude or anything but wouldn’t that just be a pain in the neck for people trying to complete their dinodexes

yep, and I’d certainly prefer more new and usefull and more unique creatures than another gen 2

I would add a few like Velociraptor Gen 2 and Stego Gen 2, but really not that many

I’d prefer less G2’s and more new prehistoric creatures. More variety please.


we already have them
Velociraptor , Velociraptor gen 2, Velociraptor gen 3, Velociraptor gen 4, and even Velociraptor gen 5

Velociraptor Blue Charlie Delta Echo

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You mean the raptor pack?

yes! a.k.a. Ludia’s version of Velociraptor gen2/3/4/5

Imo only creatures which don’t have enough of their own ‘type’ of creature should get gen 2s, like titanoboa except the indo gen 2s, but I have nothing against other gen 2s

I agree with you, titanoboa doesnt need one tho since it has a gen 2 already. but i get what you mean. creatures like eremotherium, andrewsarchus (maybe), imo i think the pigs should get one, but i think that the medium therapods could get one or two cause i dont think any of them have one. and the same for any of the pterosaurs.
So my top 5 creatures that i want to get a g2 would be:
Epic eremotherium
Epic entelodon
Rare or Epic Dimorphodon
Rare Rajasaurus
Epic Lythornax

Even Titanoboa had options though, like Gigantophis. I actually made a post a while back with alternatives for every Gen 2 in the game, including Titanoboa and Haast Eagle.


Yes and no

Yes exactly

Yes I know but they’re not in the game yet so 2 titanoboas were made, but maybe in the future more snakes will be addes

Too be honest i would also like more giant snakes. I actually thought when the teaser for the snake Update came we would get gigantophis so i was disappointed when it was revealed boa gen 2

Me too. I would like more regular dinosaurs than gen 2s

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No. Those creatures can be expanded with real animals

Epic Eremotherium = Megatherium
Epic Entelodon = Daeodon
Epic dimorphodon = Eudimorphodon
Epic lythornax = alioramus
Rare rajasaurus = abelisaurus

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Dude… can you RE-TYPE this!

Truest thing on this forum

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I think we do not need any new creatures. We have already so many, ludia should fix their bugs first!

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