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Should Arena/Raid Orientated Movesets Separate Later On?

I see the cool factor in having some dinos be good at Raids while others are more PvP orientated in terms of diversity, but tbh I feel they’d be better off separated.

What’s everyone else’s take? Keep them as they are but tweak them a bit? Or separate them all together later on? This is my take:

They just did a huge overhaul with this update so I wouldn’t expect a change like what I propose to be easy or implemented anytime soon. Plus with people investing so much into some dinos solely for Raids another boost reset would probably be in order as well.

Ludia could implement a “Raid” tab to the Abilities section when viewing a dino in your library. Or it could even be a press and hold like how you can see what your dino’s stat will be next level but have it display the move’s Raid counterpart.

Some movesets may not even change too much. i.e. Ardentis Maxima’s Taunting Moves just become their old arena counterparts. In Group Decel Rampages’s case this may even change cooldowns. You could also get rid of some Raid specific resistances like Taunt to streamline that section in PvP just a bit. (7 different Resistances on some to look at is a bit much but as people memorize it might not be as bad)

This way they don’t need to add more stuff to scroll through than there already is and it wouldn’t impact how quick you can analyse opponents in PvP since it willl just display the appropriate moveset anyway.

Although most likely impractical, I would prefer that creatures maintain their 1.0 version abilities for Arena and Tournament play, and their new 2,0 abilities for Raids.


That’s what I was expecting when they announced raids. Because I already foresaw the problems this would do:
Everything ends up too raid-oriented and the arena meta extremely limited instead of varied. What do we see now? Ardentismaxima, Utarinex, Quetzorion, Tenontorex, Magnapyritor, Tryko, Mammolania, and the occasional indoraptor g1 / g2 that isn’t even that good anymore.