Should be able to activate multiple incubators


Title. Like at least 2 or 3 at a time. Arena is too slow because of it.


Yeah, good idea, but you’ll need to pay 5bucks for it :grin: or 100 gold or somerhing like that :thinking::hugs:


Honestly wouldn’t mind. The coin amount is so minimal that battling doesn’t seem worth it while 4 slots are filled :confused:


Yes something like jurassic world the game, you can activate multiple incubators at once, for a price. Btw I don’t know if any of you follows the gaming beaver but in his videos he often has 2 incubators ready at once, but I don’t know how he do that :joy:


Because he doesn’t open the he saved them for the video


You can open all incubators if you want and have bucks.
Why is arena slow you can fight in arena even when you have all 4 incubators. You will not get incubator but you will get coins if you win.
You will never get in top 100 if you only battle when you need incubator


Didnt knew that about coins when all slots are full, thx.


Yes, I know. But I feel DNA rewards should be better or activating multiple incubators will help with rewards. I wouldn’t mind spending 5-10 cash to start all my incubators at once.