Should-be buffed List

Do one for Ardentismaxima

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Give armor more health and damage

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There you go added it

That’s an interesting move set

Why quetzorion didnt had counter attack?
Its ancestor had it


Maybe nodopatosaurus hybrid need some love like gigaspika nodopatotitan

I didnt want to change giga and nodotitan since some people already love them and use them as it is.

Indoraptor inmmun?

No Thanks.

And change ONLY Stegodeus…

No Thanks. All 3 hybrids should be equal change.

I said in the note if dodge nerf wasnt implemented all tanks would get definite/precise rampages as counters for these dodge-dependent creatures, AND if Indo wont be immune, what entices players to still use it? And I do mean other players.

I would do…

  • Alankylosaurus fine as he actually is
  • Stegodeus - fine as he actually is
  • Tragodistis - fine as he actually is
  • Monomimus - Swap in dodge don’t give him ANY dmg,speed increase to 129,hp stay 2700
  • Pterovexus - damage to 1150, and its new moveset:
    Nullifying Strike
    Distracting Impact
    Lethal Wound
    Cleansing Swoop
    Ability: Immunity
    SIA: Swap-In Cripple (New SIA: 50% Distraction and Opponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns; Bound for 2 turns)
  • Darwezopteryx- buff its damage to 1100 and its new moveset:
    Superiority Strike
    Definite Impact
    Cleansing Swoop
    Short Defense
    SIA: Swap-In Cripple (New SIA: 50% Distraction and Opponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns; Bound for 2 turns)
  • Stygidaryx- new moveset:
    Cleansing Swoop
    Long Protection
    Superiority Strike
    Definite Rampage
    SIA: Swap-In Advantage (New SIA: 100% Shield; Oppponent 1/4 DoT for 2 turns; Bound for 2 turns)
  • Indoraptor Replace evasive stance or rework it,+150hp
  • Ardentismaxima - buff its HP to 5500, crit to 30% (from bachi), armour to 10% (again from brachi), speed to 111 (brachi.) just more:
    Counter-Attack: Slowing Counter
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Please give Magna its lost health.

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Alankylo definitely needs a buff. That or a unique. By far my weakest member, but I keep Alan on because of Dracocera and the occasional Indom… Though the former can’t be defeated by Alan because there’s not enough power there.

I also like the idea of Indoraptor being immune. Give me a chance to beat Thor with him again, PLEASE.

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Yup I 2nd that

What about Indominus Rex? It’s been rendered pretty much useless.

Nah not completely I believe, throw in a defense shattering strike in its arsenal and its fixed

Which it doesn’t have.

Yup, hope they listen to the list and follow it, like come on its the least you could do to the veteran players, who still played JWA after everybody has quit.

I just tried to imagine an Alankylo unique, i’m waiting for it too😂

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-I agree with Ardentismaxima’s stat buffs but slowing counter and distracting moves make no sense. I think shielded deccel strike or shielded pinning strike, deccel impact, definitive rampage and bellow are better moves on it and reflects the parents. Keeping immunity of course.
-Thagomizer is a stegosaur signature move so I don’t think Stegod will lose it, but of course I could be wrong.
-Agree with Tragod, Monomimus and Indo buff though impact and run can not be as useful if it is ataying in dodging and inflicting damage
-Loved the Swap in cripple and swap in advantage idea :heart_eyes:
-Don’t know about Daryx losing lethal swoop, I like that move, but the rest makes sense since darwin has a defense shattering move. Speaking of that, I think vexus should have definitive impact instead of null impact it has now. It could also have lethal swoop instead of swoop and evasive strike instead of pinning strike since it has no dodging moves from monomimus right now.

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I gave alankylo a unique lemme know what yall think about it. And all of yalls suggestion on what its unique should be.