Should blue be add to the wild?

Leave me your thoughts!

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Hmm… although I’d love to see less exclusives and present exclusives being wild spawns I don’t think blue is a ‘good’ choice. For one it isn’t TOO exclusive


Although the general idea is great

Yes! Have blue be in the wild so she can have fun with her sisters!

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Only if Diplodocus can join.


All dinos should be huntable.
It’s time to open up locals 5-8.
Best way to do it would be to just half the size of current locals.
That way instead of people having to go farther to hunt, they simply gain a local.


It’d be nice, but it’d also mean more Indoraptor2’s all over the arena. If Cautious Strike ever gets straightened out I wouldn’t mind it.

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Absolutely agree with you!

As if there aren’t enough IndoR gen2 as it is!

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I mean blue did run off in the movie.


Agree to some extent. Maybe something like, after X number of months in the game, a dino gets added to the map.

I understand the premise of exclusive dinos; those who “NEED” it right away will pay for them, but honestly, by the time they show up either during a week or a 2x inc in the store, the notoriety has worn off. It has always seemed to me that Ludia has no idea how to market a new shiny. By the time us mere mortals are presented with the opportunity to collect them, the meta has moved onto the next new thing. I have SOOO many “project” dinos I’ve given up on as the ingredients are literally impossible to find, outside of a sanctuary.

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Should it? Yes
Will it? No

Should every exclusives creatures will be add to the wild ?


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I’m new to the game (3-4 days), how exactly do you get her currently? I have some of her DNA but I can’t remember exactly where I got it. I thought I did see her in the wild, but now I can’t remember.

You have to wait for an event for it to be available. Either an event where it appears in the wild for a short time, or under Green Drops. You also have a chance to get it if it’s in special themed incubators for certain themed weeks.

You probably got her as one of last weekends green drops:

Do those events appear on the main front page? or are they like the supply drop battle strike things?

Aha yes, thank you. I just joined on Sunday, and was clicking those green drops like crazy. I must have gotten her DNA there. Where do you find this event schedule?

I say yes, but then I don’t think there should be any exclusives. All non-legendary and non-uniques should spawn in the wild.

Some creatures can appear in the wild through something called a Hybrid Pursuit. There’s one every week. It allows one creature to appear in the wild that’s used to make a hybrid. The next week is the next ingredient and so on depending on what’s featured. The supply drops and strike events are shown on every Sunday I believe. They are shown as what’s shown above. The theme is at the top and what’s available under supply drops are shown for each day. The strike events have themes for them, you can usually ask, and someone can tell you what can be given out.

Not only that it then basically doesn’t give an excuse in why somethings are way powerful the others

Ex. Rex < allo2; nemy>anky

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