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Should boosts be sold every day?

Simple question for you all to answer.

I’ll start and say no, because they create a very unbalanced arena which makes playing a chore for those who don’t buy them every day.


nope not every day. having them sold regularly a few days a week is fine, but every day creates many problems. Not just arena balance, but financial problems with some players. Boosts themselves aren’t a healthy way to monetize the game. Better alternatives exist. Like that trainer bundle thats currently for sale. small transaction that is a decent bump up for many players, or at leasts saves them some time.




No thank you. Boost have gone out of hand so much, ok, should we all agree, for the next boost reset, do we all agree not to boost any of our dinos?
Edit: Nvm I think I already know the answer.

I honestly cannot imagine a boost reset. The 21 straight days of boost sales has shown that Ludia is doubling down on monetizing the game this way. They won’t talk to us about it, but I have a feeling they will leave the boost ‘specials’ in the store every day at this point. Even if they didn’t the damage is already done. I mean people are starting threads on other games to move to. How bad does it have to get for that?

Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle at this point and we have to realize this is the new meta.

While it has (for me anyway) destroyed the PvP aspect of the game there are other ways to play. Drop and have fun with other, more diverse teams. Focus on the PvE aspect or on collecting DNA while walking around. I see a lot more dinos in the wild than I used to.

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Boosts shouldn’t exist, so they certainly shouldn’t be sold.

I am getting quite concerned about the longevity of these boost sales tho. It is very different to what has happened before and I can’t see a decent reason for it that isn’t taking the whales for all they can get. Now that starts to feel like the end of something, but not sure what.

Only one away from completing the dinodex, but it feels like a race now.


I don’t think boosts being sold every day would help anything, but I wouldn’t raise my eyebrows if it happened. They seem to be sold often enough that we can get them when we want them anyway. If there be people who pay for stat boosts every moment they can, they’re already skyrocketing anyway. Might as well save them time?

I don’t see why not.
Sure speeds things up.

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They already messed-up top arena. So to me they are sold or not is really not a concern anymore.

I am already seeing level 27 dinos having much higher stats than my level 30 boosted dinos (boosted with boosts I had until last reset, no new boosts or speed-up incubators purchased).


I get that it speeds things up if you buy as many boosts as possible.

But what happens when you have that fully boosted team?
Is that it when it comes to mm? Do you get bored of playing the same team, knowing you can’t improve it any more?
Or do you start boosting new dinos and experimenting with them?

If it’s just a quick way to reach the end game, then I fail to see why Ludia think it’s a good idea to sell them every day. Surely they will lose players sooner who no longer have anything left to go for.

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I saw this as an original solution to boosts. If they sell them once a week or every day, the end result is the same. One just takes longer to achieve.

Those who choose to purchase all available and/or power open incubators will accumulate them faster and move up the ranks. Those that do not, will not. It only affects those in the top ranks who choose not to purchase all available. The boost purchasers will rise above them. Those users lower down will see no change. We will still battle users who are partially boosted or have lower level creatures that are boosted more.

At 4800 trophies I will not be affected. Those who purchase all available will rise above me. Those with lower level creatures who purchase all will move up and be matched with me. The only thing I will see is lower level creatures who are boosted more. I saw this in boosts 1.0. As more sales occurred my opponent’s creature level got lower and lower as they boosted more. My crew of 22 – 23 Unique was eventually matched with level 15 – 17 Epic and Legendary at 3100 Trophies who were boosted. And they would win, mostly due to speed boosts.

I will still get lopsided matchups. I will go 0-3 and 3-0 depending on which side of the MM range my opponent is chosen from. I will also still get many 2-3 and 3-2 matches when the MM is nearer to my team strength. I will find my range where I average a 50/50 win/loss ratio. The only thing that may change is the trophy range I settle in at. If I was concerned with that, I would be purchasing all available and power opening incubators.

I’m seeing more players in my alliance that are active, yet don’t battle.

It’s having a deleterious effect on the game.

It’s too late at this point.

Meh. Ruined is ruined. I’ve dropped arenas and my team so I can enjoy the game.


If you think about it, boosts are not that much different from simply leveling creatures. It is just double the investment now.

What happens when they have a fully boosted crew? They boost other creatures as the ones they have get nerfed or better creatures enter the game. Same as leveling. Your level 30 Monomius needs to be replaced, you leveled something else up. Users were playing with a fixed crew of 8 even before boosts. It took a while to level up anything new to team level. It will take a while to level up AND boost to team level now.


Nope maybe once a week they should be on sale
Boosts have ruined this game.

I really want them to have a normal arena without boosts tbh.


Oh, come on!

Boosts are what is floating the game right now.

Without boosts, the game would wither and die.

Then again, because of boosts, the game is withering and dying…


Don’t care. I’m not buying them anyway as are useless in amount I can afford.


Not every day. Once or twice a week at most and there should be cap on the amount that can bought each day.


I’ve actually had soo much free time now that boosts have been sold regularly. I actually don’t mind them being available for purchase every single day.

Every time I see a financially reckless player lead with a crazy boosted Dino, I’ll just turn off the game and go do something else

In my free time, I’ve been cleaning, playing with my dog, watching the news, preparing
meals… my productivity has really been off the charts.

For that reason, I don’t really mind it when players throw away their own cash to free up my time. And after canceling VIP months ago, I’ve been able to save my own money as well!

If you look at it, boosts are really a win-win for everyone involved (well everyone except for people throwing away their time and money anyway)


My most recent opponents below. I lost almost all. See boosts are being bought every day.

And most of them are not even level 30.


… just NO…

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