Should campaign lvls be more easy and less specific?

Cause for each mission after lvl 30 or so you require specific creatures for certain battles so it takes days to finish lvls sometimes it takes weeks like the mission I just completed I had to upgrade my scorpious Gen 2 to lvl16 for just campaign lvl61 and 62 and now I require creatures with stunning ability with minimum lvl17 for just one lvl of campaign
It’s too irritating :unamused:

It’s so that you progress in game,for a lvl 17 creature with stun ability,leveling up maybe sino or something like it isn’t going to help you in long term where if you create an allosino and dracoceratops and get them to lvl 17 you can finish your campaign battle while also helping you to progress in long term since once you level them up you will eventually get uniques which also help you to progress so it’s not really irritating if you understand why it’s made like that :wink:

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Completing campaign is all part of the natural process of the game.

Don’t expect to be able to rattle through it all it one go. Like @Reyhan_Sajeeb says creating Dino like Allosino et al. benefits in the long term.

Also why the complaint about getting SR2 to level 16. It needs to be Lvl 20 to unlock Scorpius G3 which is a top tier hybrid


I know but as a lvl11 player it’s a pain but I know scorpious Gen 2 is required to be lvl 20 to make the Gen 3 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yep dracoceratops I’ll need to get that :upside_down_face: