Should carcharodontosaurids get there own animation set.[poll]

If carcharodontosaurids(giga, mapu, carchar, tyranotitan), get added to the game should they have there own animation set or should they use the tyranosaurid one?
  • Yes they should get there own one, they are diffrent enough.
  • Yes but only because we have too many creatures using the tyranosaurid one.
  • No they should use the tyranosaurid one, they are too similar.
  • No, other reason.

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I asked this on reddit a week or 2 ago and the votes were:






they need to change Acros animation to this. He is a carchar, not a tyrannosaur


Yeah, i even think they could add a uniqe animation set for alloasaurids, and add saurophaganax in there.


I would be fine if they did, but since Acro already uses the T Rex animations, they should just use the same animations as Acro (and therefore T Rex). I also think it would be more warranted if they had a unique gimmick (like how Barys have damage and crit increases), but based on Acro they don’t seem to have one.

It doesen’t mean they couldn’t change acros animation set, and the main reason i even think this would be posibble is because the community keeps requesting theropods that would use the rex animation like alberto, nanuq, yuty but then there would be just so many at the end. So it makes scence to make the giga for example more of a rending or bleeding creature i mean it didn’t just go agead and break an argentinos leg. But what i’m trying to say is i’m getting sick of these pure chomping creatures, and i think ot’s time we see a large theropod that doesen’t rely on damage but maybe on rending.

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I totally agree. There just isn’t precedent for them ever changing a creatures animations. Since Acros model is designed for those animations, they would basically have to start from scratch. I’m not sure if they would be willing to do that. I do think that all Carcharodontosaurs should use the same animations though, it’s just more likely that they’ll all end up with T Rex. And I too would like it if they focused on Rend or bleed instead, since that fits better with how they hunted.

Don’t the Gorgonopsids share an animation with the tall-legged crocs? Maybe they could do something like that. Same/similar rig, different animations.

I guess the other question is whether there’s enough Carcharodontosaurids to warrant a new set of animations. Theres already Acrocanthosaurus, and you can add Carcharodontosaurus itself, Giganotosaurus, and Tyrannotitan. But there’s not much else. I suppose there could be hybrids too, and they’ve created rigs with fewer users than this (like the Pachy animations). Interestingly, Concavenator is a member of the Carcharodontosauridae, but it uses the medium theropod animations. So it seems like they haven’t gone by family so far, only by size and general body plan. Like how Proceratosaurus and Lythronax are both closely related to T Rex, but use the small and medium theropod animations respectively due to their size. By that logic, they would just use the large theropod animations. That also means that the new Tyrannosaurs wouldn’t need to use the same animations as T Rex itself. For example Nanuqsaurus was around half the size of T Rex, so it could use the medium theropod animations.

I don’t think they do, as far as I can tell. If anything they have different rigs but perform a similar-looking motion.

Nope, same rig different animations.

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Is there hard evidence that they have the same rig, like from datamining?

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I don’t think so but they look very similar, and act very similar.

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Ok, in that case I’m not entirely convinced. The legs are more sideways/sprawling on the gorgonopsids and their backs are slanted downwards, while the tall crocs have a more upright posture and a flat back. At most I could see it being a heavily altered rig, but at that point they might as well have unique rigs. They have entirely different models and animations anyway, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the rigs were different too.

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They proly are, I’m no dataminer but the way the models move and sound is to different compared to the crocs.

Regarding the OP, I think it would be cool if they had them. It gives something new to see and we have enough creatures to do it

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i would love if carcharodnotosaurids were a mixture of bleeders and chompers cuz giga used to bleed out argentinosaurs to wait out for them to die

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Yeah i don’t think gorgonopsids and the crocs are the same, they look pretty similar at first look, but other then how the gorgo strike animation and the croc impact animation looks all there other animations are way diffrent.

Yeah we defenetly do have quite a few carchars for the thing. We have giga, carchar it self, tyranotitan, giga’s litle cousin mapu, acro, i also have a concept for gigantrosaurus a giga kentro hybrid in my creture idea 5 on reddit, and they could add the supersaurus and the supranotitan from jwtg.

I like it but i would have personaly made more rend then bleed or maybe combine them since giga didn’t have the strongest bite. I’m actualy realy annoyed when people make giga concepts basicly the same as the rex, strike impact rampage, but with less damage and more speed.

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I think the giga should have a rampage cuz it did have a big bite force, much more than allo. I think allo has tens cuz it doesn’t have a strong bite force while Acro has more than a giga but less than. Red which is why it has a rampage. A Rex has like 12000 pounds of bite force while giga has like 8000 pounds of force so I don’t think it should have tend. It definitely needs bleed tho. I bet a rex would only bleed a Argentinosautus out too cuz it would be so much smaller.

Irl neither of them would dream of taking on a full-size healthy Argentino solo. But I think the charcharodontosaurids should be more bleed and rend focused just to spice things up, even if it’s only semi-accurate.

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ya, i do like the bleed, maybe a rampage if it only had like 1500 attack, if it has more, then rending takedown