Should carcharodontosaurids get there own animation set.[poll]

It’s fine if they exist

But please

No more chompers with cleanse


I think they should take the time to make this for carchars. It would be realy cool to see more like rending and bleeding (especialy rending since we already have spinos), but lets say they add all these that i have listed wich are:giga, carchar, tyranotitan, mapu, and there hybrids, a few more tyranosaurids like yuty, nanuq and alberto, as well as Rexy cause she is being requested now and all of them having the same animation set, just that fact in my opinion gives carchars to make them there own one, to clear some space.

I don’t think it needs to be family-based. Just for variety. Has anyone done a count on the number of different rigs we have per creature class?

all carcharodontosaurids should use concavenator animation
or Acro animation
or even Allo animation

Allo and acro have the same animation.

You’re right, there’s a lot of ones for theropods. It’s just that Ludia has made new rigs for groups of creatures that they know are not going to have a lot of members, even if the creatures are obscure. For example, the tortoises, the Mammoth, the pareiasaurs and Pachycephalosaurus (for a very long time it was the only one with its rig, they didn’t even need to give it a unique one in the first place, even now there’s only 2). We know for a fact there’s loads and loads of large theropods they could add that the fans would want, so it makes more sense to invest in a new rig there than with some class of obscure creatures that will only have 2 or 3 members.

Maybe they could just give the same rig different animations? It would still be something.

If they do the carcharodontisaurids animation different then they will have to change a lot of existing Dinos animations might as well just use the tyrannosaurids animation

Wich ones acro and conca are the only carchars, acro would problably need minor model adjustments to fit the new animation set and since conca is so much smaller then all the others it would keep the medium theropod animation. So exept of the realated allos get the carchar animation set too idk wich dianos would realy get changed.

I’d rather they just give new animations to future ones


Stygi and its g2
dracorex and its g2

thats 5

They don’t all have the same rig. Pachy is the only non-hybrid with its rig, and if you include Dracoceratosaurus, that’s 2.

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There should only be 4 Large theropod rigs:
(Concavenator goes under Carcharadontosaur, Suchomimus&baryonyx&irritator go under spinosaur rig, Lyth go under tyrannosaur)

Actually, the Barys, Irris and Carnotaurus are medium theropods according to Ludia, same with Concavenator. These are the same people that called Meiolania an Ankylosaur relative.

These are the rigs (as of 2.2) @Qaw

  • Large Theropod [Chomp animations] (Rexes, Thor, Allos, Acro, Tryko, Tarbo, Allosino)
  • Large Theropod Type 2 [Claw slashers] (Spinos, Sucho, Indominus’s, Spinotah)
  • Medium Theropod (Carno, Conca, Lythronax)
  • Medium Theropod Type 2 (Bary, Irritator)
  • Medium Theropod Type 3 (Indoraptor, Purrolyth, Purutaurus)
  • Raptors (Veloci, Troodon, Utah)
  • Small Theropod (Tany, Dilopho, Procerato)
  • Ornithomimid (Galli, Ornitho, Prorat)
  • Pachy (Pachy, Dracocerato)
  • Small Pachy (Dracorex, Stygi, Dracorat)
  • Hadrosaur (Ourano, Iguano, Maia, Edmonto)
  • Ceratopsian (Trikes, Sino, Nasuto)
  • Stegos (Stego, Tarkus, Tuojiang, Kentro)
  • Ankys (Ankys, Ankyntro, Euoplo)
  • Sauropods (Apato, Gemini, Argentino)
  • Brachiosaurs (Brachio, Ardentis, Sonora)
  • Crocs (Sarco, Purussaurus, Grypo)
  • Tall legged crocs (Posto, Kapro, Gorgosuchus)
  • Gorgonopsids (Inostran, Arctops, Edaphocevia, Inostherium)
  • Canids (Andrewsarchus)
  • Turtles (Carbo, Meio, Entelolania)
  • Elephants (Mammoth)
  • Rhinos (Bronto, Elasmo, Woolly Rhino, Monolorhino)
  • Terror birds (Phorus, Kelenken, Grylenken, Velosrhacos)
  • Small Pterosaurs (Dimo, Scapho, Darwin, Vexus)
  • Mid Pterosaurs (Tupan, Dsunga, Dimodactylus, Pteranodon)
  • Large Pterosaurs (Quetzal, Arambourgi, Hatze, Stygidaryx)
  • Therizinos (Deinocheirus, Erlikos, Spyx, Erlidom)
  • Amphibians (Koola, Diplocaulus, Skoola)
  • Synapsids (Dimetrodons, Ophia, Magna, Edapho)
  • Glyptodonts (Glyptodon, Doedic)
  • Synapsids Type 2 (Moschops, Scutosaurus, Entelochops)
  • Entelodonts (Entelodon, Kerato, Archaeotherium)
  • Slothes (Eremotherium, Eremoceros)
  • Eagles (Haast’s, Poukaidei)
  • Snakes (Titanoboa, Majundaboa, Constrictor)
  • Deer (Megaloceros, Euclado, Testa, Megalogaia)
  • Felids (Smilodon, Thyla, Smilonemys)

38 if I counted correctly.


Wow. You did not need to do that lol, but thanks.


theese are called “Large adzarchids”

what about mammotherium



why dont all sauropods have same animation?
or at least Titanosaurs, Diplodocids, Brachiosaurs

nodosaurus, Scolo

stegoceratops, ceramagnus

Raptor pack, Alloraptor

Yes, but these are just simplified fan names, not an official naming.

Mammotherium uses the Rhino animations

Because Ludia decided not to I guess :man_shrugging: Its the Brachiosaurs and everything else.

It seems like the theropod families are already pretty split up, with none of these three groups being true monophyletic groups. Even related dinos have different animations than one another, so it seems to be based on size than anything else. Like how T Rex and Lythronax have different animations, or how Acrocanthosaurus and Concavenator have different animations, even though they’re closely related. Because of this, it would make sense to mix in Carcharodontosaurs with the rest of the theropods based on size, especially since they’re already doing that with the Carcharodontosaurs we already have.

This poll was meant to ask people what they WANT and not whats likley.

I know, but isn’t it also ok to discuss what’s actually likely to happen? Besides, my reasoning for not wanting them to have their own animations is explained by my last post, so it’s just my way of reasoning through the question.