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Should Carnotaurus Get A Stat And Ability Rework?


Personally I believe that the Carnotaurus could do with a rework it’s restricted as a slow counter attacker companied by dinosaurs such as raja, concav, lythorax, majunga, etc. If it was given a major boost in speed which would make it more scientifically accurate as it was able to reach speeds of 35miles and hour or 56km’s an hour. And a new move set would create a refreshing change to a fan favourite dinosaur.

The changes to Carno would allow for a more dynamic and unique hybrid if one was to be given. Instead of being restricted to a slow counter attacker.


Leave move set alone. Speed or health increase is all that’s needed.

The only issue with the move set is that it belongs on a faster dino. Or a more survivable dino.

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