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Should CompU need Speed Decrease Immunity?

CompU has been the bane of my Shores existence the last few weeks, which is almost ok since I’ve been in favor of ways to make the Cunning class relevant in this R/P/S system (leveraging flocks to absorb more hits is a good thing). However, it feels like CompU’s speed decrease immunity, coupled with a lack of meta-worthy group-attack creatures, crosses the line between tyrant-class and breaking-the-game. I think even a reduction to 75% speed decrease immunity would help balance the playing field, while keeping CompU at tyrant level. Thoughts?


So Skoona can have an even easier walk in the park?

No. Compy is perfectly fine how it is, yeah you might have to sacrifice a dino but compy is not that special. Learn to counter it BUT also expect to lose a dino against it but atleast your next dino will take it out on first turn.

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I mean, they both could be knocked down a peg. You shouldn’t need something as strong as the current Skoona to beat CompC.