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Should Diloracheirus gain immunity to stuns?

Too many have been benched Dilor and it is far from easy to level. With all of the different immunities given to other dinos would giving our beloved green chicken immunity to stuns get it back in the arena?


Perhaps they should first give dilo its 75% stun back, because nowadays its stuns fails way more than it actually succeeds.


I think immunity to slow might help it. But ultimately I think it’s the low t1 damage that hurts it. Yes it’s an amazing revenge killer that can still tear through teams if set up properly, but that rat lurking in the background is what really killed it in the arena I think.


Shame, the rat is responsible for most of the variety problems in the game yeah. And since Dilorach can’t dish out a big attack on the first move it’s not helpful. Immunity to stuns sounds decent for it so at least the rat cant auto stun it. The rats in the game ruin variety though real sad.


It definitely needs something… Poor thing has been riding the bench even since 1.9 dropped


Sure let’s give every dino immunity to something.

I had gotten mine up to 23 and ready to go up to 24 or 25, but benched her and have not bothered leveling. She was good for a moment in time.

Was not just rat, but the number of dinos with immunity. If she can’t distract or stun then she is a glass water-gun.

Just not immune to slow. Not every speedster should have immune to slow. That’s boring.

Lets give immunity to everyone!!!

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I kinda agree with you. There are other ways to buff poor dilorach. Not that I would care, it’s way too ugly for my liking

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Actually even if you bring him any immunity,it wouldn’t help him…
There is so many immune top creature than it wouldn’t change anything or else it would on low arenas where people still play paramoloch…

Dilorancheirus can be good or can be bad. It needs some sort of buff. I took mine out because it dies too easily. I should be better. However given the luck of the opponent faced it can be good. It’s hard to make too.

The only way to bring him back is to createa new kind of creature which should deal X3 or 4 dmg to anything immune and which should be weak to everything else

But im sure by knowing how ludia work:we will see buff after buff of those immune pest like we used to saw it for thor,rat and some others.
When they create problem,they take time to repair it

Giving it any sort of Immunity will not help when a Dino with Swap in Rampage run rampant in the Arena.

For some reason I can never login on my phone without resetting my pw. So, I hooked up a new account to Google play instead- we will see what happens.

Also greetings everyone - cant seem to stay away.

Dilo needs two things - it’s distracting impact back, and immunity to stuns. I can’t believe people are balking about this suggestion. I can kind of believe people dont understand why it’d help. It comes down to this situation, which happens a LOT

So so SO often I, a fast distracting dino (you listening dev in charge of battles?) Gets 1 hit off (gsr doesn’t 1 shot, so even a setup turn doesn’t help dilo here) and dies to ic + dc.

I’m ok with 2 priority moves. I am not ok with 3 attacks going off before I get one (2 if you wanna count my attack before the thors).

Making these changes vastly improves dilo by allowing it a chance to 1 shot some lower health rats (lower level, or boost, or maybe you already hit it once and it was swapped out) - but ESPECIALLY because the rat can’t stun it and get a free rampage, and thor can’t stun it and setup rat so perfectly against its counter (with thor at like 75% health still).

These changes would do wonders for dilo.


It definitely needs to be reworked. I feel like its becoming obsolete and uniques should not become obsolete

Honestly I never understood why it’s parent has distracting impact while it has distracting strike like why although I think it shouldn’t really have and immunity cause we have enough already I think it should get a hp and attack buff as well as maxing it as fast as it’s parent 131 speed fixes a lot of it’s problems but no making it op again

Its already has one distraction move and two 2X attack move (stun and rampage & run). I don’t think it needs any immunity. Dilo isn’t the only dino suffering from Rat epidemic.

Well with your logic indoraptor and indominus rex should have 132 speed as its parent velo has 132 speed :thinking: