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Should do better?


Just hit 3992 trophies so on the brink of getting into lockwood. Just not sure if I should be higher up with this team or if around 4k is were I should be. Thoughts?


I’ve just broken Lockwood and I have almost the exact same team as that, just Suchotator as my bleeder, Allosino, and Indo. If you’re a smart player you’re right where you should be!


I think you are fine where you are. I don’t think you’ll be able to get or stay in Lockwood with that team except if you are a great player
But overall it looks good, just keep leveling them


I think youre right where you should be. Well done!


I think my team is on a similar level to yours and I’m at 4191 trophies. But last week I had a losing streak that put me in 3800…

So yeah, that seems about right. Be ready to Lock-Indohell-wood. We might meet there.


That’s a decent team for where you’re at.
Be on the look out for me. 3900-4200 is my territory. B)

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Here’s Arnold. Don’t mind the Portuguese.

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I bet that Posto can dish out some damage.


Yep, more than 2300 right at first turn and then 1568 defense breaking…That’s why I keep it. But I think it’s the one to be replaced when I finally have Indoraptor,


After some ups and downs (mostly downs :joy:) Only just, but it’s lockwood :joy::joy::joy:


I’m at 4200 and still get knocked back to Ruins sometimes.


Yeah sometimes all rng seems te be against me, but you often overlook the times it actually saves your ass