Should dodocevia have a hybrid?

I recently got my first hybrid dodocevia and was wondering if you guys would like a potential hybrid in the future. I see a lot of potential for dodocevia and I think it’s a great idea to have a new hybrid for it

Of course ,every hybrid deserve a super- hybrid…!

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Except any carno hybrids we don’t need more of that


I was thinking something like this:

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Lol can’t see anything, I’ll make I hybrid too

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Done I had a hard time thinking the name

RIP it can’t load so it was a nodopatitan+dodocevia

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Yes, it should have a hybrid hopefully soon. I think I got a little tired of waiting


What’s the boost spread for this? Just asking from another Dodocevia user

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Until we get a scorpius or indotaurus apex

Totally looking forward to a Dontdeceivia.

I’ve updated the spread this is what it is now:

I’m no expert at boost spread though

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